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    Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck View Post
    This is a huge derail, but the common held opinion that the Raiders were awful against the run last year is totally false. Teams ran on Oakland because they often got leads and because it was infinitely preferably to trying to pass on that secondary.

    Oakland only surrendered 4.0 YPC (tied for 11th in the league) while being run on more than any other team in the NFL. For reference, the second most run on team in the NFL last year, Indianapolis, surrendered 5.3 YPC (32nd in the league).

    While Oakland was run on early and often, they were actually quite good against the run, all things considered.
    Not to mention that our defense was on the field all of the time, and teams got their best plays primarily on the late 4th quarter.


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      I remember making a similar argument some time ago. The Raiders defense wasn't just on its own, but it had to overcome the turnovers, poor field position, and lack of rest courtesy of the offense.
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        Trust me I know the agony of the 2006 Raiders, the offense put the defense in tough positions, but the run D was 25th overall I believe, and yes you can attribute that to bad field position, and always playing from behind, I was just poitning out that OAK needs a lot of work here before I'd call them champions defensively. The secondary was killer, but the d-line play outside of Sapp and Burgess was very average, if not bad sometimes...



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