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1-32 Rank the starting QBs arm strength

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    Originally posted by Flyboy View Post
    I'd actually put Russell over Vick by just a HAIR, draftguru.
    It's close, that's why I said at worst Vick is top 2 because Russell has a ridiculous arm, could go either way.

    LOL Jeff George.

    That is correct comahan
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      Originally posted by 255979119 View Post
      By arm strength do you mean distance or "zip" on the ball. It is more important to throw it harder than farther. Tom Brady throws the hardest ball in the league.
      Are you kidding me? Tom Brady does not even throw the ball the hardest in the league. That belongs to Brett Favre and all of the broken fingers he given wide receivers.


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        1. JaMarcus Russell
        2. Michael Vick
        3. Jay Cutler
        4. Byron Leftwich
        5.Carson Palmer
        6. Kyle Boller
        7. Brett Favre
        8. JP Losman
        9. Daunte Culpepper
        10. Big Ben
        11. Rex Grossman

        Those are all the arms really worth noting IMO.



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          BOLLER IS GOD so is CUTLER
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          Originally posted by Hermstheman83
          What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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            not going to post ranking but check out Cutler's cannon, 65 yrd pass right in stride

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              He might not be a very good QB, but Andrew Walter is top 10 in arm strength.


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                Originally posted by Woody56 View Post
                He might not be a very good QB, but Andrew Walter is top 10 in arm strength.
                He's top 15, but I'm not sure he's top 10. I'd say he's about on par with JP Losman, who I had at #10, and there were more than a few people who could have claimed that spot.


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                  Vick, Russell, and Leftwhich are in a class of there own.


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                    1. Vick
                    2. Russel
                    3. Palmer
                    4. Ramsey
                    5. Leftwhich

                    **** about Ramsey being a backup, the kid has a shotgun instead of an arm.


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                      Originally posted by Titans10 View Post
                      not going to post ranking but check out Cutler's cannon, 65 yrd pass right in stride

                      yep that sure was sweet

                      me want to kill you? hahaha Bonekrusher you complete me


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                        1. Chad Pennington
                        2. Drew Brees
                        3. Alex Smith
                        4.Charlie Frye
                        5. Matt Shaub

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                          The Almighty Lord Favre is known to have the mightiest, strongest, upper body limb in all of North America, perhaps the universe. Even greater than Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson. May no other peon Quarterback reach his strength. Lord Favre's arm is so strong that during his favorite pastime: hunting, he once killed a deer without a gun or arrow, but rather an NFL licensed football.
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                            Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
                            Manning doesn't really have that amazing of an arm. Vick is top 2 in the league at worst.

                            1. Vick
                            2. Russell
                            3. Palmer
                            4. Favre
                            5. Cutler
                            I thought it was starters only?


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                              kyle orton's got a stronger gun than grossman.

                              in reality. either you put serious power on the ball. or you don't, when it gets to a certain point, it doesn't really matter who has a stronger arm.

                              it's like, who would you rather have, a pitcher with a fastball in the high 90's or a pitcher with a slider in the mid 90's? strong arm should be rated... good, excellent, or poor.

                              poor would be... kitna, pennington, hasselbeck, delhomme
                              good would be... grossman, bulger, carr, losman
                              excellent would be... farve, vick, cutler, russel (et al.)

                              ranking arm strength is rather shifty.
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                                kyle boller has a cannon...
                                thats about it for him

                                Go Ravens!



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