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Which Pac-10 Running Back?

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    1. Bush
    2. S-Jax
    3. Mo Drew
    4. Marshawn

    My overall rankings are different, but as a Falcons fan, Bush has to be number one. The reason for that is with a crazy offense like Petrino's, having Bush and Vick on the field would be insane.


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      Can't pick between Drew or Jackson. They're too good to choose one.

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        Reggie Bush

        They are all real good RBs though, i think marshawn will be special, but its a great set of RBs
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          Originally posted by no love View Post
          Which recent top Pac-10 running back would you want now?

          Reggie Bush (rnd 1, #2 overall)
          Maurice Drew (rnd 2, #60)
          Steven Jackson (rnd 1, #24)
          Marshawn Lynch (rnd 1, #12)

          And why?

          For me its Steven Jackson, with Marshawn coming in second... Jackson is already a great all around back (over 1500 yrds rushing and 90 total catches.) But I just have a good feeling about how Marshawns running style in the NFL.

          Drew, actually comes in third for me I don't think I have ever seen anyone his size run so hard, it's just plain freakish. If he had Jackson or Drews size this wouldn't even be a contest. Although Bush definitely proved any doubters wrong, I just don't see him ever being the type of complete inside-outside back that Jackson is or Lynch can be.
          I'll take JJ Arrington with a side of Reuben Droughns please.

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