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    NE. love- Brady - just too much respect for his game
    hate- BB - was my coach for a day.

    Jets love - Curtis Martin- he's still here for another week or so
    hate- Kendell - closest to being an ex Jet.

    Miami love- Culpepper- without him they have brees
    hate- the rest of the bunch

    Bills love- Lynch- hasn't run for 200/game with a score or two YET.
    hate- Schobel- schooled brick with 3 sacks in one game


    Ravens love- McNair- true gutsy player
    hate- Ray Lewis- should be serving hard time

    Bengals love- C. Palmer- won me a FF championship two years ago
    hate- C. Palmer- choked and cost me a championship last year

    Steelers love- H. Ward- one of the toughest wr's around and always smiling
    hate- big Ben- wear a helmet man, crap bothers me

    Browns love- RAC- seems like a good guy
    hate- Winslow- don't do tricks on your bike man


    Colts love- nobody- i just don't like anyone
    hate- Manning- coulda, shoulda, woulda been a Jet

    Jags love- Drew Jones- i might be taller, but not
    hate- DT's- they ended my season once

    Texans love- M. Williams- wanted him to fall to #4 last year
    hate- Ownership- for not taking Bush so ^ would fall

    Titans love- VY- exciting and my team didn't pass on
    hate- PacMan- still there and still a thug


    Chargers love- LT- what's not to love unless u c him twice a year
    hate- Martyball- i know, but u made me root for the pats in the playoffs

    Broncos love- Bailey- best at his
    hate- the rest- 1998 still looms

    Raiders love- Curry- never plays
    hate- JR- will probably make them better

    Chiefs love- Herm- he's gone and poor KC fans are F'ed for awhile
    hate- Herm- thank god he's gone


    Eagles love- Reid- Good coach
    hate- Ricky Williams- oh sorry forgot, they took Mcnabb, none then

    Cowbys love- TO- very entertaining
    hate- TO- "act like a man" - corleone

    Giants love- Couglin- wanted him at ND at one point
    hate- ELI- that "aww shuck's" expression is classic, good for 20x/game

    Skins love- Gibbs- HOFer
    hate- Portis- condones dog fighting the felony


    Bears love- GM- thanks for TJ dude otherwise it would have been Urlacher
    hate- Rex- cost me $ last january, bastard

    Pakcers love- Favre- great
    hate- Favre- who would u want: him or rob moore

    Lions love- 1st rd WR- take your pick there are many choices
    hate- 1st rd WR- ditto

    Viks love- AD- stud
    hate- turf- ^ will do him in


    Panthers love - Fox- i like alot here but think fox is fine
    hate- 'em- for losing to the Pat's in SB

    Saints love - Brees- good QB and could be in miami
    hate- tap dancers on burbon- if you've been, u know

    Falc's love- injured Abraham- sorry but this guy cannot stay healty
    hate- Vick- if killing dogs aren't enough he'll give girls disease's

    Bucs love- Brooks- enough said
    hate- Grudin- he'll never be Dundgy down there


    Hawks love - QB - sister-in-law is hot
    hate- the rest- for losing to the Pat's in SB

    Rams- love- Leonard- a good player who plays to win
    hate- DUI DE- killer who doesn't learn

    49ers love- te Davis- 3rd on my list last year
    hate- Nolan- think he's overrated

    Cards love- wr Fitz- great hands
    hate- Paris Hilton- actually pretty hot and wouldn't mind giving her her cavity check in the big house


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      My favorite and least favorite by team:

      Baltimore Ravens

      Favorite: Ed Reed, S

      Least: Dwan Edwards, DL

      Oakland Raiders

      Favorite: LaMont Jordan, RB

      Least: Chad Slaughter, OT - At the Raiders/Ravens game last year, the Raiders were getting dominated, and one of their offensive lineman gave the finger to my section of the crowd. I think it was Slaughter, so I'll go with him. ;)

      Detroit Lions

      Favorite: Calvin Johnson, WR

      Least: Kevin Jones, RB

      Cleveland Browns

      Favorite: D'Qwell Jackson, LB

      Least: Jamal Lewis, RB

      Tampa Bay Bucs

      Favorite: Bruce Gradkowski, QB

      Least: Cato June, LB

      Arizona Cardinals

      Favorite: Anquan Boldin, WR

      Least: Sean Morey, WR

      Washington Redskins

      Favorite: Laron Landry, S

      Least: Clinton Portis, RB

      Minnesota Vikings

      Favorite: E.J. Henderson, LB

      Least: Mike Doss, S

      Atlanta Falcons

      Favorite: Jerious Norwood, RB

      Least: Roddy White, WR

      Miami Dolphins

      Favorite: Ted Ginn Jr., WR

      Least: Joey Porter, LB

      Houston Texans

      Favorite: Andre Johnson, WR

      Least: Kevin Walter, WR

      San Francisco 49ers

      Favorite: Vernon Davis, TE

      Least: Kwame Harris, OT

      Buffalo Bills

      Favorite: Lee Evans, WR

      Least: Matt Bowen, S

      St. Louis Rams

      Favorite: Steven Jackson, RB

      Least: Corey Chavous, S

      Carolina Panthers:

      Favorite: Richard Marshall, CB

      Least: Damione Lewis, DT

      Pittsburgh Steelers

      Favorite: Heath Miller, TE

      Least: Larry Foote, LB

      Green Bay Packers

      Favorite: Aaron Kampman, DE

      Least: Brett Favre, QB

      Jacksonville Jaguars

      Favorite: Adam Podlesh, P

      Least: Marcedes Lewis, TE

      Cincinnatti Bengals

      Favorite: Madieu Williams, S

      Least: Ed Hartwell, LB

      Tennessee Titans

      Favorite: Vince Young, QB

      Least: Chris Henry, RB

      New York Giants

      Favorite: Steve Smith, WR

      Least: Eli Manning, QB

      Denver Broncos

      Favorite: Jay Cutler, QB and Dominique Foxworth, CB

      Least: Gerard Warren, DT

      Dallas Cowboys

      Favorite: Marion Barber, RB

      Least: Terrell Owens, WR

      Kansas City Chiefs

      Favorite: Priest Holmes, RB

      Least: Kendrell Bell, LB

      New England Patriots

      Favorite: Adalius Thomas, LB

      Least: Rodney Harrison, S

      Seattle Seahawks

      Favorite: Josh Wilson, CB

      Least: Michael Boulware, S

      New York Jets

      Favorite: Jerricho Cotchery, WR

      Least: Kemo Von Olhoffen, DE

      Philadelphia Eagles

      Favorite: Brian Dawkins, S

      Least: Greg Lewis, WR

      New Orleans Saints

      Favorite: Jermon Bushrod, OT

      Least: Fred Thomas, CB

      San Diego Chargers

      Favorite: Shawne Merriman

      Least: Quentin Jammer, CB

      Chicago Bears

      Favorite: Bernard Berrian, WR

      Least: Cedric Benson, RB

      Indianapolis Colts

      Favorite: Bob Sanders, S

      Least: Peyton Manning, QB


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        I dislike Ferguson more than KGB

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          Originally posted by dcarey20 View Post
          Buffalo Bills

          Favorite: Lee Evans, WR

          Least: Matt Bowen, S

          Bowen was released a while ago


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            Originally posted by SuperMcgee View Post
            Bowen was released a while ago
            ok i'll go with langston walker.


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              so what ive seen a lot people hate eli so lets join the club :]


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                AFC North

                Baltimore Ravens

                Favorite= Ed Reed
                Least Favorite= Derrick Mason

                Pittsburgh Steelers
                Favorite= Troy Polamalu
                Least Favorite= Ben Roethlisberger

                Cincinnati Bengals
                Favorite= Carson Palmer
                Least Favorite= Rudi Johnson

                Cleveland Browns
                Favorite= Joe Thomas
                Least Favorite= Charlie Frye

                AFC South

                Tennessee Titans
                Favorite= Kevin Mawae
                Least Favorite= Vince Young

                Houstan Texans
                Favorite= Mario Williams
                Least Favorite= Matt Schaub

                Jacksonville Jaguars
                Favorite= John Henderson
                Least Favorite= Byron Leftwich

                Indianapolis Colts
                Favorite= Marvin Harrison
                Least Favorite= Dwight Freeney

                AFC East

                New England Patriots
                Favorite= Adalius Thomas
                Least Favorite= Chad Jackson

                New York Jets
                Favorite= Jon Vilma
                Least Favorite= Chad Pennington

                Buffalo Bills
                Favorite= Lee Evans
                Least Favorite= Terrence McGee

                Miami Dolphins
                Favorite= Zach Thomas
                Least Favorite= Daunte Culpepper

                AFC West

                Denver Broncos
                Favorite= Jay Cutler
                Least Favorite= Javon Walker

                San Diego Chargers
                Favorite= LT
                Least Favorite= Shawn Merriman

                Kansas City Chiefs
                Favorite= Derrick Johnson
                Least Favorite= Dwayne Bowe

                Oakland Raiders
                Favorite= Paul McQuiston
                Least Favorite= Jerry Porter

                NFC North

                Detroit Lions
                Favorite= Calvin Johnson
                Least Favorite= Drew Stanton

                Minnesota Vikings
                Favorite= Erasmus James
                Least Favorite= Troy Williamson

                Chicago Bears
                Favorite= Brian Urlacher
                Least Favorite= Rex Grossman

                Green Bay Packers
                Favorite= Brett Favre
                Least Favorite= Ben Taylor

                NFC South

                Atlanta Falcons
                Favorite= Joe Horn
                Least Favorite= Mike Vick

                Carolina Panthers
                Favorite= Julilus Peppers
                Least Favorite= Na'il Diggs

                Tampa Bay Buccanneers
                Favorite= Ronde Barber
                Least Favorite= Chris Hovan

                New Orleans Saints
                Favorite= Drew Brees
                Least Favorite= Reggie Bush

                NFC East

                Washington Redskins
                Favorite= Laron Landry
                Least=Ladell Betts

                Dallas Cowboys
                Favorite= Marco Rivera
                Least Favorite= Roy Williams

                Philadelphia Eagles
                Favorite= Shawn Andrews
                Least Favorite= Jeremiah Trotter

                New York Giants
                Favorite= Jared Lorenzen
                Least Favorite= Eli Manning and Osi Umennyiora

                NFC West

                San Francisco 49ers
                Favorite= Manny Lawson
                Least Favorite= Vernon Davis

                Seattle Seahawks
                Favorite= Lofa Tatupu
                Least Favorite= Nate Burelson

                St. Louis Rams
                Favorite= Tory Holt
                Least Favorite= Leonard Little

                Arizona Cardinals
                Favorite= Adrian Wilson
                Least Favorite= Matt Lienart


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                  NFC North

                  Like: Rex Grossman- he is no good and likes to lose games for them which I like. Theres a .000009% chance he will become good and if he does then I dont like him any more.
                  Hate: Everyone, Brian Urlacher- Overrated Tom Brady faked him out major.

                  Like: the good cheerleaders we dont have any :( , Troy Williamson likes to drop alot of balls and make the Viqueens lose which I like there is a .00000003% chance he will be good then i will no longer like him
                  Hate: Everyone, Darren " I look good in purple" " but still suck" Sharper and Ryan " no not about 40 yards short not" longwell

                  Like: No One Roy "we are going to win alot of games" Williams hopefully he keeps making predictions like that because it aint ever going to be right
                  Hate: Everyone, Paris Lenon

                  Like: Everyone but the people I hate
                  Hate: Bubba " I cant catch" Franks, Robert " I cant stay on the field for more the a second" Ferguson, Marquand "Even if I read a" Manuel " I would still suck", Kabeer " Im getting paid way to much and am a one trick pony" G Bialama
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                    I like that Jerious is getting so much love! It's great =) He's one of my favorite, but it's hard to say who my favorite player on the Falcons is, there are quite a few. I am really way too lazy to type out a list for all the teams. Because there aren't THAT many players I don't like anyway.


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                      Originally posted by bantx View Post
                      so what ive seen a lot people hate eli so lets join the club :]
                      Everyone hates Eli Manning for absolutely no reason and they hold a biased grudge against the man....

                      worst part is they try to diminish his on field performance because of their personal preferences. the media included


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                        Originally posted by GiantRutgersFan View Post
                        Everyone hates Eli Manning for absolutely no reason and they hold a biased grudge against the man....

                        worst part is they try to diminish his on field performance because of their personal preferences. the media included
                        yeah and some people give him more credit than he deserves. :D

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                          Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
                          AFC EAST

                          Jets: fav - Jon Vilma, Waste in the 3-4, still a great player
                          least fav - Jumbo Elliot.
                          still hold a grudge? come on...that game was amazing


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                            Originally posted by ncstateviking View Post
                            still hold a grudge? come on...that game was amazing
                            Eh, just checking to see if someone was paying attention.

                            And yes I do still hate the fatty.

                            That is correct comahan
                            I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                            <3 dg


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                              i'll jsut do favorite

                              Patriots: Brady
                              Bills: Parrish
                              Jets: Vilma
                              Dolphin: Brown

                              Bengals: Ocho Cinco
                              Ravens: Reed/Lewis
                              Browns: Jackson(D'QWELL!!)/McGinest
                              Steelers: Parker

                              Texans: Robinson
                              Colts: Sanders
                              Jaguars: Jones-Drew
                              Titans: Givens

                              Broncos: Bailey
                              Chiefs: Law
                              Raiders: Asomugha
                              Chargers: Tomlinson

                              Giants: Wilson
                              Eagles: Dawkins
                              Redskins: Portis
                              Cowboys: Ware

                              Bears: Hester
                              Lions: Sims
                              Packers: Woodson
                              Vikings: Peterson

                              Falcons: Milloy
                              Panthers: Peppers
                              Saints: Bush
                              Bucs: Galloway

                              49ers: Gore
                              Seahawks: Branch
                              Rams: Jackson
                              Cardinals: Rolle/James
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                                AFC EAST

                                Jets: fav - Jonathan Vilma
                                least fav - Chad Pennington

                                Pats: fav - Randy Moss
                                least fav - Tom Brady

                                Dolphins: fav - Ronnie Brown
                                least fav - Zach Thomas

                                Bills: fav - Craig Nall
                                least fav - Roscoe Parrish

                                AFC NORTH

                                Ravens: fav - Ed Reed
                                least fav - Steve McNair

                                Bengals: fav - Chad Johnson
                                least fav - TJ Houschmanzadeh

                                Steelers: fav - Casey Hampton
                                least fav - Troy Polamalu

                                Browns: Kellen Winslow Jr
                                least fav - Willie Mcginest

                                AFC SOUTH

                                Colts: fav - Marvin Harrison
                                least fav - Rob Morris

                                Jaguars: fav - John Henderson
                                least fav - Matt Jones

                                Texans: fav - Matt Schaub
                                least fav - Ahman Green

                                Titans: fav - Keith Bulluck
                                least fav - Vince Young

                                AFC WEST

                                Chargers: fav - LaDainin Tomlinson
                                least fav - Phillip Rivers

                                Broncos: fav - Javon Walker
                                least fav - Rod Smith

                                Cheifs: fav - Larry Johson
                                least fav - Jared Allen

                                Raiders: fav - Michael Huff
                                least fav - Robert Gallery

                                NFL EAST

                                Cowboys: fav - Terrell Owens
                                least fav - DeMarcus Ware (screwed over Vick)

                                Giants: fav - Michael Strahan
                                least fav - Eli Manning

                                Eagles: Fav - Brian Dawkins
                                least fav- Jeremiah Trotter

                                Redskins: fav - Sean Taylor
                                least fav - Brandon Lloyd

                                NFC NORTH

                                Chicago: fav - Devin Hester, Sick return man.
                                least fav - Rex Grossman

                                Lions: fav - Roy Williams
                                least fav - Jeff Backus

                                Vikings: fav - Adrian Peterson
                                least fav - Marcus Johnson

                                Packers: fav - Nick Barnett
                                least fav - KJB

                                NFC SOUTH

                                Falcons: fav - DeAngelo Hall/Michael Vick
                                least fav - Wayne Gandy

                                Panthers: fav - Steve Smith
                                least fav - Jake Delhomme

                                Saints: fav - Marques Colston
                                least fav - LB's

                                Bucs: fav - Carnell Williams
                                least fav - Chris Simms

                                NFC WEST

                                RAMS: fav - Will Witherspoon
                                least fav - Adam Carriker

                                49ers: fav - Frank Gore
                                least fav - Kwame Harris

                                Cardinals: fav - Larry Fitzgerald
                                least fav - Edgerrin James

                                Seahawks: fav - Julian Peterson, best OLB in the game.
                                least fav - Shaun Alexander



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