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    Originally posted by Mr. Stiller View Post

    I think he'll go above and beyond that. I think he'll be Ben's go to guy.

    over hines ward?


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      offense - jerricho cotchery. last year was his coming out party. now this year he will become a star.

      defense - bryan thomas. has talent. shown flashes. this year he will get into the 12-15 sack range.


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        The O: Julius Jones

        The D: Marcus Spears

        Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)
        KO KNOWS


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          Offense: Mike Vick/Roddy White-This is pretty much te defining year for both players. If they suck it up, they're probably gone, but I believe Vick and White, with the new coaches, will finally live up to potential, or close to it.

          Defense: Demorrio Williams-He's a straight up beast. One of the fastest LB's in the league, and can rack up a 100+ tackle season.


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            Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
            I love these threads. Its like Homerfest 2007 :p

            I agree DG, I think Crowder is a beast. Im expecting big things from him this year.
            well the topic is about your favorite team so its kinda hard not to be homerfest

            Go Ravens!


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              Offense: Reggie Bush--Over the second half of the season, really improved as a runner and started scoring touchdowns almost in bunches. I think he will have a HUGE season. I could see him becoming the next player to get 1000 yards rushing/receiving and posting 20 or close to 20 touchdowns.

              Defense: Roman Harper--as a rookie, this guy showed a lot of promise prior to getting hurt. In fact, when he got hurt, he was playing like the second best player on our defense behind Will Smith. He's back healty and looking good in the OTAs. He has a nose for the football and I can see him having a big season.


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                Cincinnati Bengals

                No one on offense really, maybe Andrew Whitworth or Eric Ghiaciuc but they're OL's.

                Defense: Ahmad Brooks. He'll be the starting MLB opening game and has been studying hard this offseason and wants to become the leader of the defense. He showed his amazing physical abilities last year but was lacking experience in the film room which he's had plenty of this year. I expect him to explode.

                Honorable Mention: Domata Peko, Rashad Jeanty, Robert Geathers and Johnathan Joseph (if he can learn to catch he could make the pro bowl).


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                  Originally posted by jkpigskin View Post
                  Mark Clayton: he broke out last year, but this year he will take another big step and become our undisupted #1. He will break the 1k yard mark

                  Demetrius Williams: another reciever who played extremely well down the stretch. He will fight for a starting job. He has the frame and skill to be a starter in this league

                  Haloti Ngata: Last year was a learning year and he was told to be just a run stuffer. BUt with a year under his belt, he could be asked to do more than clog holes, he could become a passrusher
                  Completely agree with the Ngata mention and at the end of the year last year he was unblockable and he was making plays. Mark Clayton should also go to the Pro Bowl next year, as he will be the #1 go to guy and he has a good repor with both McNair and Boller. D Will I don't think it will happen this season because he won't get the ball as much since Mason is still around, but in the 08-09 season watch out for D Will to absolutely dominate!
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                    offense: Jay Cutler (personally, i think he has a great year)

                    defense: Marcus Thomas (may start week 1)


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                      What the hell, let me give it a shot

                      Offense: Brandon Jacobs. I think he'll surprise alot of people who think he's just a goalline back.

                      Defense: Kiwanuka. Not really breakout, because he did last year. But I expect him to be even better this year. What lots of people outside of the Giant fanbase fail to realize is, Kiwi had his best plays when he was standing up, not when he was a DE. I think he'll surprise alot of people at LB this year.


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                        Offense: LJ Smith. He's already well-known, but he's an integral piece for this team. He's also in a contract year. I could see him getting 60 catches and 9 TD's. The Eagles spread the ball around anyway, so 60 is a pretty significant number.

                        Defense: Javon Kearse. I'm going to to say that The Freak is back. He hasn't been the player that he was years ago, but I think with the current Eagles team, he will become "The Freak" again.

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                          I think Brandon Jacobs can do well if he gets the right kind of playcalling. He needs to be used in between the tackles and needs to be the feature back with 25-30 touches.

                          I am "America's Poster"...


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                            Originally posted by bsaza2358 View Post
                            I think Brandon Jacobs can do well if he gets the right kind of playcalling. He needs to be used in between the tackles and needs to be the feature back with 25-30 touches.
                            Yeah I know... =/

                            30 rushes from Air Coughlin? Sigh.....yeah, thats not happening.


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                              Offense: Jericho Cotchery - Last year he showed his potential, this year I think he breaks out big time. Great hands, great after the catch, very good this guy.

                              Defense: Kenyon Coleman - Bill Parcells seemed to think alot of this guy, because he recommended him to Tanny. He registered 25 tackles and 4 sacks in limited time, and he really was the Cowboys best defensive end. He and Ellis give us a pass rush from the D-line, which the Pats and Chargers 3-4s get alot of also.

                              I'll also say BT, because he should have been DeMarcus Ware before Ware was around. He's a physical freak who showed big time potential last year.


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                                Offense - DeDe Dorsey (RB)

                                Defense - Kelvin Hayden (CB), Freddie Keiaho (OLB)



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