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Cuban Wants New League to Rival NFL...

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    Originally posted by High Roller View Post
    That's why NBA and MLB aren't as big as NFL...there are games every day and they're not special. The NFL schedule is 16 games - 17 weeks. As much as I would like to watch Football year round, it could be detrimental to the way I view the game.
    Yep Yep the way I see it.


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      I like this idea if they are smart and don't try to actually compete with the NFL. I like it if they continue to put teams in markets without pro football. So you can have teams in Mexico City, Las Vegas and LA like mentioned, then maybe there are teams in Portland, Oregon, Hartford (the new UConn Stadium), Memphis, San Antonio, etc. It could work that way. I don't think anyone will ever be able to compete with the NFL. Ever. So they would be smart to simply try and work with them...



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