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NFL bans alcohol for team functions

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    People are acting as if Drinking alcohol is a privilage! It's not, it's a right!!!

    If players want to drink, then they should be able to drink... alcohol is legal, so anybody who says that you can't drink is taking your civil rights away... this is almost as bad as people being jailed in guantanamo.


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      Nowhere near the same, this is a hippie ACLU vag statement. Your employer has the right to do whatever they deem fit to promote a safe and practical work environment. If this means ridding lockerooms and events of booze to prevent dumb ass athletes from trying to "make it rain" on female reporters, or make idiotic statements then so be it.


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        Originally posted by SubNoize View Post
        but that's the players time... on NFL time, the company that has the sponsorship, players can't indulge, which if I were Coors I'd take this into consideration. Obviously we don't see the players drinking on the field, but I mean the message coming across is that "We don't want our players indulging in alcohol because it has potential dangers, but hey we don't mind if you the consumers partake in alcohol consumption at our games."
        This is all under the assumption that the beer companies actually care about the people who consume their product though...they don't.

        IMO, Coors might have a problem if the league came down and took a stance against drinking altogether. The Beer companies themselves market their product under the blanket known as "responsible drinking"...the NFL taking a more responsible role could only further their marketing campaign to push their product under the same blanket "Even the NFL knows realizes our product can be enjoyed under appropriate "responsible" conditions."
        Again, the NFL isn't "bitting the hand that feeds" it's simply eleviating potential lawsuits and another (and much larger) black eye...should something happen. Honestly it's probably a small miracle that nothing (involving these types of events and say a serious crash, especially involving an innocent party) has happened.


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          No, doubt I actually re-evaluated this, and I was thinking that even alcohol companies don't want their employees drinking on the job, and that it's not hypocritical to endorse something and ban it from worksite at the same time, it's just promoting responsible consumption on your own time.



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