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Steve Smith (rookie) or Craig Davis?

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    Originally posted by JeffSamardzijaIRISH View Post
    No, not really...
    Wheres a rolling head when you need one?


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      Originally posted by VYTitans View Post
      personally I think that Steve Smith will have a better career, because he runs precise routes, has really reliable hands, and while some people say his 40 time doesn't represent his speed reliably I believe that it is spot on, because while at USC he always found his way behind the defense and made some amazing catches. This isn't to say that Craig Davis will have an unsuccessful career, because I believe that he has the same abilities, just he will require a little more time to become successful.
      That's another thing that Craig Davis shares with Steve Smith.


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        Originally posted by Addict View Post
        I agree, and I think because he'll see so much of the field in such a succesful system within the NFL Craig Davis will be the better reciever out of the two.

        San Diego still reached.
        SD needed a wide receiver. Who else could they get at that position? Dwayne Jarret? We already have two of those types of receiver in Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd.
        I suppose we could have picked Weddle, but there's no guarantee that Davis would have been there at the end of the second round. I think I heard that Indy was high on him, which makes sense since they did end up picking Gonzales two rounds after our pick. So it's not a reach if SD got Davis before the other team did.


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          I like Smith better by a smidge. Smart WR's ussually seem to do good in the NFL. Not saying Davis is stupid though. I think they'll both turnout pretty well

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            They will both be just "good" wr IMO. Smith woulda be a bigger name coming out of SC if he hadnt been overshadowed by Jarrett. Neither will be a star but I think Smith has the better chance.



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              Steve Smith for me, rather easily. I had him as a 40-45 range talent, and Davis as a 60-65 talent. I'll take Steve Smith's crisp route running, great hands, ability to find holes in defense, and speed over Craig Davis' big play ability any day. Davis was extremely overdrafted and I was truly shocked to see someone use a 1st rounder on him.

              If you had asked this question before the draft, everyone would have said Steve Smith. Now, because Craig Davis got drafted 30th overall, alot of people are showing support for him. I'm not buying into it, and I still firmly believe he was the worst pick of the 1st round, and one of the worst of the entire draft.
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                Originally posted by dcarey20 View Post
                If you had asked this question before the draft, everyone would have said Steve Smith. Now, because Craig Davis got drafted 30th overall, alot of people are showing support for him.
                That's not necessarily true.
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                  Originally posted by GiantRutgersFan View Post
                  Steve Smith. although Craig Davis might have better stats this season.

                  The Giants recievers have the potentail of going from crap to great in just 1 year.

                  last year all we had was Plaxico and Tim Carter

                  This year we got

                  Plaxico Burress
                  Amani Toomer (injured half of last year)
                  Steve Smith
                  Sinorice Moss (essentially a rookie cause he missed all of last year except 3 games)

                  scary huh?
                  ITd be scary if they had someone to throw the ball to them.
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                    I'd choose Steve Smith

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                      Philip Rivers vs. Eli Manning.



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