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Bentley - No Second Surgery

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    I doubt it, things aren't allowed to go well for Cleveland.

    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
    Originally posted by njx9
    do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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      he was my fav center, hes a man child, and i hope he can become atleast 95%


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        Originally posted by HoopsDemon12 View Post
        He is a top offensive lineman in the league IMO and its great to see him back
        Like I said, he's not back yet. We still don't know if he'll be back ever. He still might get surgery later (doubt it). A lot of people expect him to miss 2007 even without a second surgery.


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          Originally posted by TheChampIsHere View Post
          If he can come back by next year we'd have to consider that a big success because a lot of people were saying he would never play again...And if he can come back and become the elite center he was
          Bentley was never an 'elite' center. He was above average. However, he was an elite OG.
          The whole world loves neophyte athletic tight end Jimmy Graham from Miami with the 95th pick. "Best pick in the draft,'' one AFC coach told me. "Give him time, and in that offense, he'll be better than [Jeremy] Shockey by the start of next year.''

          “We know that no matter the adversity, be it the lockout, be it the suspension or be it a hurricane, our men will pull together and defend the honor of this city. We’ve shown we’ve been able to do that.” - Jabari Greer


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            By not getting this second surgery, I honestly think that saved his career.

            Thanks to jackalope



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