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Sporting News: NFC Safties

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  • Sporting News: NFC Safties

    1. Cardinals. Adrian Wilson is one of the most versatile players in the league; he can cover slot receivers and play back in coverage or near the line of scrimmage. Terrence Holt should be adept at directing coverage from the free safety spot.

    2. Cowboys. The team insists it will play Roy Williams close to the line of scrimmage to let him be a playmaker without having so many coverage responsibilities. In turn, Ken Hamlin will make sure everyone gets lined up properly.

    3. Vikings. Darren Sharper still is one of the NFL's smartest players and takes chances to make big plays. Dwight Smith plays with emotion and hits hard but must work on his tackling technique.

    4. Eagles. Brian Dawkins still plays at an elite level. Sean Considine has put on weight in order to get better near the line of scrimmage.

    5. Redskins. Sean Taylor has elite speed and delivers massive hits but gambles too much. Rookie LaRon Landry also is a big hitter but will take time to adjust.

    6. 49ers. Michael Lewis is a bruising presence. He can be vulnerable in coverage, but that is the strength of Mark Roman, who consistently hassles receivers.

    7. Bears. If Mike Brown stays healthy, this unit will be strong. Neither he nor Adam Archuleta excels in coverage, but Brown has good instincts and plays the ball well.

    8. Falcons. Lawyer Milloy, 33, can still pack a wallop and is strong in run support. Jimmy Williams and Chris Crocker, both of whom struggle in coverage, will compete at free safety.

    9. Seahawks. Free-agent acquisitions Deon Grant and Brian Russell, both of whom showed good communication and cover skills in minicamp, likely will start. Michael Boulware and Mike Green provide solid depth.

    10. Rams. Corey Chavous, 31, remains a capable performer on the field and a valuable leader off it. O.J. Atogwe looked lost early last season but has playmaking skills that give him a big upside.

    11. Saints. Kevin Kaesviharn will make an instant impact as a coach-on-the-field type. With Roman Harper returning from a torn ACL, Josh Bullocks must improve to keep his starting job.

    12. Giants. Gibril Wilson has plenty of speed and hits hard but often looks tentative. The same goes for Will Demps, who was slowed by a knee injury last season.

    13. Packers. Nick Collins is versatile but has to take better angles and anticipate plays better. Marquand Manuel needs to be replaced by a younger player such as Marviel Underwood or Aaron Rouse.

    14. Lions. Kenoy Kennedy and Daniel Bullocks are decent in run support but give up big plays. Rookie Gerald Alexander could get some playing time if he exhibits better ball skills on deep routes.

    15. Bucs. Jermaine Phillips has not made anyone forget about John Lynch, and Will Allen has proved only that his insertion into the starting lineup may have been premature.

    16. Panthers. The team needs an upgrade because Nate Salley has no significant experience and limited upside and Mike Minter has lost a step and is headed into the final season of his career.

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    Interesting that the Cowboys are rated as highly as they are.

    NFC safety situation seems a lot worse than the one in the AFC.


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      The Queens at Three? Did i see that right? Oh wait, I must be mistaken their safety play was one the reasons for their stellar pass defense last year.

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        Wow, something we're actually near the top in other than WR.



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          Originally posted by TitleTown088 View Post
          The Queens at Three? Did i see that right? Oh wait, I must be mistaken their safety play was one the reasons for their stellar pass defense last year.
          Actually the complete lack of any kind of pass rush was the reason for the pass defense not to mention teams threw 40-60 times a game on us down the stretch. Dwight smith played very well, and darren sharper didn't have a stellar year but he is still a top safety in this league. actually 3 is pretty low considering if mike doss and tank willliams are healthy we will have the most/best depth at Safety in the NFC. But NFC isn't really great with safeties as shown the top 5 are pretty subjective i think you could make a case for a few of thoose teams to be #1


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            Originally posted by Moses View Post

            NFC safety situation seems a lot worse than the one in the AFC.
            Yeah.. You could literally take 6-15 and put them in any order and it'd seem just as right. Same thing for the NFC linebackers..


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              The NFC has terrible safeties.


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                They're a bit harsh on Jimmy Williams.


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                  ugghh Will Demps brings Gibril down so much...

                  the NFC does have better DE's than the AFC though
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                  BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                    Wow that is a joke. The Cowboys safeties are not that good. Roy Williams is essentially a linebacker who can;t cover anyone and Hamlin is ok to pretty good. That's atrocious


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                      Terrence Holt is half of the #1 Duo? I don't buy that at all..


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                        I'd have the Eagles, Redskins and then Cards as my top 3.

                        And the Bears higher, pending Brown is healthy and AA isn't playing.


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                          Packers would be higher if they had anyone next to Collins that can play

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                            Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                            Packers would be higher if they had anyone next to Collins that can play
                            I'm hoping for Underwood or Rouse next year. If Rouse can cover, he'd be an awesome fit.


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                              Sabby Piscatelli will make that rank rise.

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