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What's wrong with Philip Rivers?

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  • Originally posted by ChrisCybulski
    Originally posted by Shiver
    Originally posted by ChrisCybulski
    Originally posted by Shiver
    Tony Romo is only an athlete. Look at his past five games; at passer rating at 77, more interceptions than touchdowns, seven fumbles! It's pretty obvious he fumbles so much because he just runs around all the time. Eight interceptions in five games, he isn't smart enough for a position. As Michael Irvin says he has 'a little slave stud in him,' very true, because of that he shouldn't play the position. At 6'2" 225-lbs, and his black bloodlines caused athleticism, he'd be a great Safety. He could definitely cover better than Roy Williams for sure. The Cowboys need to get a pocket passer who doesn't run around and cause turnovers, losing to bad teams like Detroit!
    Bledsoe is a QUARTERBACK, a person who will beat you in the pocket. Romo is just an athlete, who runs around with his black-like athleticism.
    You can only win with a guy back there who is willing to stay in the pocket and throw.
    i hope you guys are joking.

    If he is just an athlete, athletes dont just throw for over 65% of their passes their first year starting. athletes dont just throw for a LEAGUE BEST 8.61 YPA. Athletes dont just throw for 19 td's. Athletes dont just have a 95+ QB rating their first year starting.

    so spare me your hate of the guy.

    isnt a coincidence

    his first 5 games our D was good, and we could run the ball
    the last 6 games our D sucked, and we couldnt run the ball(except for the Seattle game)

    isnt a coincidence, that the reason he is running around out there because our OLINE sucks? i mean every fan in the NFL knows the COWBOYS oline sucks.

    dont tell me he isnt "smart enough" to play QB. Thats probably the most rediculous thing i have ever heard. Not only did he have a 37 wonderlic score, but he handles the media like a vet, he cracks jokes to them all the time, he gets them laughing. He respects his opponent's. He goes through his progressions like a vet. and if you have seen all of his games you know that he does.

    The only thing he needs to work on is his fumbles, and less int's. But it was his first yera starting he cant be perfect



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