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Is it Joey Harrington's Fault he sucks?

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    Actually yes, the Browns did ruin Tim Couch. There's no question of that in my mind.

    Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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      Harrington never had an offensive line in Detroit.

      He never had decent coaching because mooch never liked him.

      He only ever had Williams and Pollard.

      He's never had a running game.

      The year he did have a running game he still didn't have an offensive line or any targets.

      He goes to Miami, the receivers are pathetic, he's in a new offense, the protection still sucks, his running game, is solid, but not what it could or should be. He's thrown in as the starter with no chemistry due to the fact that culpepper was sarting and took all the reps with the first team.

      Harrington has got a lot of potential he just needs to go to the right place imo.


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        Our OL is actually pretty good at pass blocking, Joey was sacked like 15 times in 11 games.

        That is correct comahan
        I ******* LOVE YOU DG
        <3 dg


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          Originally posted by jkpigskin
          Originally posted by Bucky
          It was Detroit's fault for the most part. He isn't a stud, but he might have been if the Lions didn't make him suck like this. He is a good back up though.
          How about some logic behind how the Lions make a player suck?
          i guess its the same logic that made mike williams and charles rogers suck so badly
          yea they got rogers hooked of weed and made BMW lazy and fat good logic right there



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