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    Originally posted by remix 6 View Post

    Best: Thomas..he'll provide a new spark to the D

    Least: Welker..we gave up too much for a slot WR imo
    First off I think they gave a reasonable contract to Welker. Not only will he be a great slot receiver, but he will contribute in the return game as well. They gave up a 2nd rounder for him as well, but I honestly don't feel there were many 2nd rounders that would make more of an impact than him.

    Now, the worst move for the Pats in my opinion was picking up Kelley Washington. I kinda liked it at first, but then they went out and got Randy Moss. That moved Washington into the 5th/6th wide receiver hunt. He has ability, but he's not guaranteed to beat out Reche Caldwell, Jabar Gaffney, Chad Jackson, or even Troy Brown. There's a chance he could be the 7th or 8th guy on the depth chart. Washington only has 19 grabs over the past 2 years. They gave him 5 years, 22 million I believe. That's money that could potentially go toward an Asante Samuel contract. I know the Pats probably structured the contract so that it won't hurt them too much if he doesn't work out, but I still don't like it.
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      Edwin Mulitalo

      Drew Stanton
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        Best: Luke Petitgout. He's a just a decent Tackle, but a definite upgrade over Davis. Got him for a very reasonable price given how much Guards were being paid.

        Worst: Plummer. Luckly This will only cost the Bucs a 7th rounder since he's retiring, but even still I don't get why Gruden traded for him while bringing in Garcia.
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          DC Carey:
          we gave up a 2nd and a new good contract to Welker

          he did well as a slot WR..nothing spectacular in terms of talent but hes a player that BB likes. as a returnman..our own returnmen have been better

          fine if we gave up a 4th or something but a 2nd? Moss was worth a 4th..Welker a 2nd?


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            Favorite: Usama Young, 3rd Rd pick.

            Least Favorite: Marvin Mitchell 7th Rd pick.


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              Favorite move: Getting rid of Dre' "I ***** a lot" Bly.

              Favorite part of the off-season: The draft. CJ, Stanton and young, talented defenders... each player hard-working without character concerns.

              Least favorite move: Getting rid of James Hall for a 5th. I liked him, but the coaches had a reason for doing so.

              Least favorite part of the off-season: Tagging Cory Redding. It's a shame we couldn't get a contract in place.

              Move I wanted to happen that didn't: We still have Shaun Rogers, who needs to be traded.

              Overall grade: B+. Still questions at MLB and CB, but the QB, RB, WR, OL, DE and S positions have been improved with hard-working, "Marinelli"-guys.
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                Anthony Adams - Very effective DT in the system we run. Should provide nice depth.

                Greg Olsen - Adds a speed/playmaking dimension to the TE position

                Adam Archuleta - Gave up a 6th rounder for him, and he thrives in the system we run. Hopefully he returns to his form from his St. Louis days, if he does our defense is going to be that much better.


                None really. Possibly Thomas Jones because he was a great leader but I think Cedric will produce more than TJ this year.

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                  Best -
                  I really like the acquisition of Gaines Adams via the draft and I think he will provide an impact pass rush which we have lacked over the last 12 months. Via free agency, the guy I think will make a big impact is Cato June on the strongside. He will be slot into a position he is relatively familiar with and should be an upgrade over Ryan Nece.

                  Worst -
                  I personally do not dislike any other pickups this off season so I don't really have anything to complain about. Maybe the trade for Ryan Sims.


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                    Favorite: Joe Horn(Finally gives us a reliable reciever)

                    Least Favorite: Joey Harrington(shouldn't even be in the league IMO)


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                      Giants: favorite- either Ross or Droughns. Giants got a vet runner who hadrushed for over 1,000 yards earlier in his career, for literaly nothing in tim carter. Ross gives them a young playmaker in the secondary.

                      least favorite- my least favorite move was by cutting Luke Petitgout. At least try and work out a contract deal or trade him. Least favorite acquisition is Kawika Mitchell, but ONLY because it hurts Blackburns shot at starting
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                      BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                        I'm going to go league-wide "under the radar" moves because I think some of the best moves (Adalius Thomas to NE, Clements to SF, etc.) have been discussed to death.


                        Travis Henry to the Broncos-- nobody really talks about this one, but it's a BRILLIANT signing, IMO. Henry has been one of the most underrated backs in the league in recent years, and he's going to a system that just churns out 1000 yard rushers. Going to be a huge year for the Broncos offense with Cutler taking the next step and Henry taking handoffs.

                        Darrell Jackson to SF-- Great move that addressed SF's biggest need for just a 4th round pick while taking a proven playmaker from a division foe. If a couple of calls had gone differently in the SB a couple of years back, he could have won MVP in the year's biggest game against one of the league's best defenses.

                        Rams, Chris Draft and Drew Bennett signings-- I have to give credit where credit's due, and these two moves fit perfectly for what the Rams needed. Draft fills a gaping hole at OLB and should gel quickly with a defensive unit that includes his former teammate, Will Witherspoon at MLB. As for Bennett, in the days of Martz, the Rams were content to spread the field with four or five speedster WRs, but no more under Linehan. Bennett brings the kind of size and possession WR skills that should be a perfect complement to Torry Holt and really help StL out with a big time threat in the red zone.

                        Michael Okwo to the Bears in the draft-- Brilliant pick, IMO. If Briggs leaves, or doesn't show up to training camp, or whatever, they drafted a guy ho can really fill in and do a great job.

                        Eric Johnson to the Saints-- Smart move that gives Drew Brees a capable, quick inside target who can find soft spots in coverage and really complement the speed of Henderson and Colston out wide with smarts and soft hands underneath and over the middle.


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                          Best - The whole first day of the draft. Filled our two biggest needs with great players, and got a backup QB that I'm very comfortable with for whatever his future holds for us.

                          Worst - Langston Walker. Ecch.


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                            Best-Daniel Graham
                            --he is one of the most complete TEs and he is a devastating blocker...along with henry he will dramatically help the run game

                            worst-Alvin Mckinly
                            --bates like the big DTs mckinly is not big


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                              Best - Derrick Dockery - He will help solidify the left side of our Oline. He and Peters will become a force to be reckoned with.

                              Worst - Langston Walker - With Oakland's terrible line last year, I dont know if I want someone who was a cause of that on my team.

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                                For the Bears
                                Best Offseason Move - Drafting Greg Olsen. Olsen will be an immediate upgrade to the offense and will be able to take some pressue off of Rex with his playmaking ability

                                Worst Offseason Move - Trading Thomas Jones. I think this may prove to be a big mistake by the Bears front office. I just have this feeling that Benson does not have what it takes to be a number 1 guy. I dont see why we traded a proven commodity to let an unproven guy take over.

                                For the Patriots
                                Best Offseason Move - Trading for Randy Moss/Acquiring 49ers 1st pick next year. Getting a number 1 receiver for a 4th round pick should be considered grand larceny. As long as Moss behaves himself and performs up to the hype this will be the best acqusition in awhile. Gaining that extra 1st rounder again next year could be crucial, especially with the linebacking corps getting up there in age and the Asante Samuel situation up in the air right now. It would be nice to add another LB and CB.

                                Worst Offseason Move - Signing Kelley Washington. Not that this is a terrible move, but there is a good amount of depth at WR now with Moss, Welker, Gaffney, Jackson, Caldwell, and Stallworth. Washington is just going to add depth as of now.

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