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    For the Panthers: None because we didn't exactly acquire any one that good or bad.

    David Carr would probably top the list for the reason he gives us a backup who could potentially do something more.


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      good -

      offense : randy mcmichael - adds an above average target across the middle and larger red-zone target which was previously missing, as well as better pass blocking and run blocking, plus he comes to the team already experienced in linehans system. this guy adds to solid offense at every facet and should hit the ground running.

      defense : 1a) carriker 1b) hall - plugging these two guys into the line with leonard little should be one of those "the-whole-is-greater-than-the-sum-of-the-parts" situations. 1c) the 6th round pick for jimmy kennedy.

      bad -

      offense : while i like the drew bennet acquisition, i quibble over the amount of cap hit he costs.

      defense : acquiring nothing for jerametrius butler, but his salary was unreasonable so it's understandable.

      league overall - adalius thomas to new england- i shutter to think of the devistation that belichick will reigned down upon the league wielding this guy. i think the league office should have stepped in and stopped this move like the government in an anti-trust suit.


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        For the Steelers

        Favorite- Kevin Barlow (via FA, Steelers arent really active in FA so hes realy the only other guy), Daniel Sepuleveda (via draft)

        Horrible- Sean Mahan (via FA), Matt Speath (via draft)


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          Favorite Every single move this offseason cept 1

          Least Favorite:Tyler Ecker.

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            Originally posted by devinhester=R.O.Y 2006 View Post
            For the Bears
            Best Offseason Move - Drafting Greg Olsen. Olsen will be an immediate upgrade to the offense and will be able to take some pressue off of Rex with his playmaking ability

            Worst Offseason Move - Trading Thomas Jones. I think this may prove to be a big mistake by the Bears front office. I just have this feeling that Benson does not have what it takes to be a number 1 guy. I dont see why we traded a proven commodity to let an unproven guy take over.

            For the Patriots
            Best Offseason Move - Trading for Randy Moss/Acquiring 49ers 1st pick next year. Getting a number 1 receiver for a 4th round pick should be considered grand larceny. As long as Moss behaves himself and performs up to the hype this will be the best acqusition in awhile. Gaining that extra 1st rounder again next year could be crucial, especially with the linebacking corps getting up there in age and the Asante Samuel situation up in the air right now. It would be nice to add another LB and CB.

            Worst Offseason Move - Signing Kelley Washington. Not that this is a terrible move, but there is a good amount of depth at WR now with Moss, Welker, Gaffney, Jackson, Caldwell, and Stallworth. Washington is just going to add depth as of now.
            the way u make it seem for Washington is that we got him when we had a ton of depth. We signed him before trading for Moss so it was okay. if we knew we were going to get Moss..i too would be dissapointed with Washington. 1st of all..hes dropped a lot in minicamp..and second of all. were loaded.



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