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  • Favorite and least favorite acquisitions

    Which are your favorite and your least favorite acquisitions, the ones you think will succeed and not succeed? From Free Agency and trades, and from the draft. Both for your own team and other teams


    I think Nate Clements will succeed and he can be our #1 CB for the next 5 or so years. I think sam rayburn will be a decent addition on the DL, but nothing groundbreaking. I also think franklin will prove to be an average-above average NT. While he wont be the future i believe he will be a good backup/decent starter.

    As for not succeeding, i think Ashley Lelie will be a minor FA bust. I like that we picked him up for peanuts, but i think hes a 1 year stopgap. I dont see him on the roster in 08, and if some other receviers have a good camp, he could be out this year. Colby Bockwoldt might not make the roster, but then again, he is Colby Bockwoldt..maybe Michael Lewis also. He had a bad year in Philly, and hopefully he can regain his pro-bowl form.

    Other teams..

    I see Eric Steinbach being successful in Cleveland next to Joe Thomas. I like ovie mughelli and think he will be a good lead blocker for guys like norwood and dunn. Wes Welker to the pats i am high on as well. I felt he was under-rated and he could do well if he gets his opportunities, but at the very least he could impact the return game. Dre Bly will benefit playing next to champ and have a good year.

    For the bad..I see langston walker being a bust. I thought he was terrible and was surprised to see him get that contract. Im also a bit weary about Takeo Spikes...he really looked bad this past season, and who knows how he could bounce back. I was surprised to see the broncos sign daniel graham, when scheffler looked promising. I dont like graham.
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    for the Lions

    the good:

    Calvin Johnson - best thing to have happened to the team all off-season.

    the bad:

    Can't really think of one, I haven't seen too much of our FA signings, I wasn't happy about Zack Piller but he got released again.

    the Ugly:

    We still don't have a damn TE and the secondary still sucks.

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      Best FA- I guess the draft
      Worst FA- I guess the hole fa period


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        Best - Donnie Edwards While I don't like his age he has never had a major injury and is in great shape having DJ pick his brain is way worth only having him for a year or two.

        Worst - Second round pick Claude 'Turk' McBride I think we reached on him and should have went OL with this pick.


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          Originally posted by PACKmanN View Post
          Best FA- I guess the draft
          Worst FA- I guess the hole fa period

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            I think that the best pickup this offseason is probably Takeo Spikes. He will really help a weak LB corps, if he returns to his ability level from before the Achilles. Otherwise I'd say its Tony Hunt, he's a big back that can move the pile which is something the Eagles havn't had in a while.

            The worst pickup is probably Kelly Holcomb, since he'll either be the 3rd QB on the team, if he's even kept. I know he was just thrown in with the trade, but he wont play over AJ Feely. Or Kolb could fit here as well since the Eagles could have gotten a much better player that would have made an impact this year at that pick.


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              Best: Ovie Mughelli
              Worst: Milner?


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                Best: Adrian Peterson
                Worst: Vinny Ciurciu, Vishante Shiancoe and Bobby Wade. We overpayed all of them


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                  Best addition - Marvin White: Good value at the spot and has a mean streak our defense so desperately needs.

                  Worst addition - Hard to pick one really, what few FA's we signed were low risk guys so even if they don't pan out it's no big deal and I liked the draft.


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                    Best: Thomas..he'll provide a new spark to the D

                    Least: Welker..we gave up too much for a slot WR imo


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                      For the Chargers....

                      Best: Bringing back Kris Dielman probably has to be the best "aquisition". We don't make many FA splashes so this is a tough question for Charger fans.

                      Worst: Probably would have to say Craig Davis, just my default. 30 wasn't good value, and he was one of our very few additions anyway, so that makes things tough.


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                        Baltimore Ravens:

                        Favorite= The draft class

                        Least Favorite= Willis McGahee
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                          Baltimore Ravens

                          Favorite Acquisition: Willis McGahee, RB

                          He's happy, motivated, is playing on a better offense, and is running behind a better line. He's been one of my favorite players since he has entered the league and he is going to have a great year.

                          Least Favorite: None, if I really had to choose I guess I'd go with 6th round pick Prescott Burgess, because I really wanted Brandon Siler. But I don't mind that pick at all, so I didn't really have a least favorite.

                          Other Teams

                          Favorite: Wes Welker to the Patriots

                          He's one of the most underrated acquisitions of the offseason. I really like him as a player. His versatility will be perfect with New England, and he just seems like a guy that is a great fit for their offense. He'll contribute as a return man, and as a 3rd target. With the way Brady spreads the ball around, I think he could be one of the most productive slot receivers in the game.

                          Least Favorite Joey Porter to the Dolphins

                          I have no clue why they paid him all that money. He's one of the most overrated players in the league, and has been for the past few years. He struggled terribly to put pressure on the quarterback last year, while he was playing in a scheme where he is suppossed to excel in that area.


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                            Favorite-Travis Henry
                            -Perfect fit for our system, and great improvement from Tatum Bell.

                            Least Favorite-Daniel Graham
                            -Good but not "great" player who is getting a "great" contract.


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                              - RB Thomas Jones

                              Bad - Nothing. The only questionable move was throwing a lot of money at DE Kenyon Coleman, but besides that, everything was zero risk, high reward.



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