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49ers turned down Randy Moss

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    Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
    Exactly. Moss' original problem with Minnesota is that they could never assemble a team that could win consistently. When he went to Oakland, many considered them to be a rebuilt team on the rise. They had added Lamont Jordan, Warren Sapp, they drafted Robert Gallery, and signed Kerry Collins to run a deep ball offense. Well, it flopped, and Moss stopped trying. New England was the perfect destination for him, especially because they have a strong willed quarterback who Moss won't be able to push around when he gets frustrated.
    I'm entirely sure how accurate this is. There is no way to assert that Moss' problem in Minnesota was a lack of winning. Hell, the Vikings averaged over 9 wins while Moss was wearing purple anyhow.

    What we do know is that he was in a situation where the coaching staff served him, he was thrown the ball early and often, and his offense put up big scores. There he was only moderately happy and still didn't stay out of trouble.

    Now he's in a situation where the coaching staff won't serve him at all, his production will be sapped by a huge stable of wide receivers, and there is question how big a role he will play in those big score victories.

    I don't worry about how he'll interact with his teammates. He interacted with them well in Minnesota, he did the same in Oakland. However, if he feels even slightly dissatisfied with the coaching, we know he'll take plays off. If he get frustrated, either by losing or lack of balls being thrown his way, we'll see what we saw in Oakland.



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