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Miami's treatment of Culpepper

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    People seem to forget that Culpepper was playing like absolute, stinking trash BEFORE his injury mercifully removed him for the season. He did indeed have some statistically impressive seasons (if you neglect the large number of fumbles he loses) years ago with Moss and even when Moss was injured. However, the year Moss actually left, Pep turned into (for several games) the most putrid starting QB in the NFL. Everyone seems to think he should just be anointed a starter once he finally heals. In my mind, he has to prove he's not a little girl anymore and that 2005 was just a fluke.


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      Originally posted by jkpigskin View Post

      Miami has become one of the worst run teams in the NFL recently.... it started with the Saben ordeal and went into the offseason with FA and the draft... they will have a tough future for them...
      miami has been a poorly run franchise since jimmy johnson left.

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