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Who Wins: Chiefs v. Colts

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  • Who Wins: Chiefs v. Colts

    Discuss this playoff matchup . . .
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    Colts, 54 20


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      Chiefs 27
      Colts 24

      YET ANOTHER playoff failure for TONY DUNGY, PEYTON MANNING and the Colts.

      Larry Johnson
      38 carries
      217 yards
      3 TDs


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        i have a feeling that people will overlook the colts becuase of their horrendous defense, but they will acually play well and beat the chiefs who rely on LJ too much

        Go Ravens!


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          If Larry Johnson does what we all think he can do...

          Chiefs 34 Colts 31
          Taking a Knapp.


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            Is this poll seriously 9-1 Chiefs?

            The Colts are 8-0 in their dome for a reason. KC won't be able to keep up.

            42-17 Indy wins it.


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              The only thing that will stop LJ is the endzone.


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                Chiefs will win because of L.J


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                  With the Colts problems of stopping the run and Larry Johnson being the type of RB that he is, all the Chiefs have to do is continually pound the ball and they can win in an upset.

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                    The Colts are the Colts. And KC ain't gonna stop 'em. LJ will get his. I dunno, I think it will be close. The Colts would be wise to grind it out with short passes and runs to keep their defense fresh. Is Bob Sanders gonna be back? Because I think maybe they should run less cover 2 if it's a potential running down, and bring Sanders up.

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                      I don't like this I kind of liked being the underdog.
                      Jamaal Charles is the best RB in the NFL


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                        Colts have shown the inablilty to stop the run and the Cheifs have a man Named Larry. Cheifs win

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                          You guys have more faith then I do we suck on the road.


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                            The Colts cannot stop the run. Period. Moreover, they've been particularly inept against run-dominant teams. (The Jags ran for over 600 yards rushing in their two meetings, and the Titans ran for well over 400 yards....and neither of them has a Larry Johnson).

                            Look for LJ to have 35+ carries for well over 150 yards; likewise, look for the Chiefs to hold the ball for 35-40 minutes. It will be hard for the Colts' offense to be effective when the Chiefs have a 2:1 advantage in TOP. (Hard to establish a rhythm standing on the sidelines.)

                            If the Colts' O is hitting on all cylinders from wire to wire, they might be able to win in a shootout. But given their track record over the last half of the season and their recent postseason struggles, I find it highly unlikely.


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                              I'm taking the Colts. I just don't think the Cheifs are a good enough team to beat the Colts. Yes Larry Johnson is a great running back and should get a ton of yards but I don't think the Chiefs defense will be able to slow manning down enough to let the Cheifs put the points on the baord they need to.

                              34-24 Colts.

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