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Who Wins: Jets v. Patriots

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  • Who Wins: Jets v. Patriots

    Discuss this playoff matchup . . .
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    Found [somewhat] of a offensive identity at runningback. I think this games outcome will depend on Leon Washingtons performance.

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      Last game against us the Jets did well running the football and were able to control the clock by running the football. We also didn't have our best DE this year in Ty Warren. Warren is back, and this defense at hime will force Pennington to throw picks.

      Pats 24
      Jets 14


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        after getting embarrassed by his former assistant, bill belicheck(sp?) will pull out some of his ole tricks

        Go Ravens!


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          I'll take the Jets. The Pats struggle in Foxboro lately, and the Jets have outscored the Pats 34-14 in the past six quarters, before the Jets 24-0 defensive meltdown in the first half of the first game. Since then we have dominated.

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            I just can't force myself to pick against Brady in the playoffs.

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              The Pats, and this aint even gonna be close
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                The Jets got lucky on getting to play alot of bad teams. That's the only reason why they are in the playoffs and they will be extremely lucky to win this one.


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                  Patriots but it will be a close game.


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                    I want to say the Jets, but I think the Pats will win. Playoff experience will pay off in this one. The Pats know how to win in the playoffs.
                    R.I.P. L.E.F.
                    "I am the one who knocks!"


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                      As much as I would love to see Chad Pennington upset Brady and the Pats, I just don't see it happening.

                      Pats 17 Jets 7


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                        I can't help but seeing a real upset here, the Jets will come out on top with Mangini embarrasing his former mentor. Close game though, Jets defense will really step up. 17-13.


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                          This is going to be a close one 'till the fourth quarter. It is going to be like 10-10 or 13-13 entering the fourth quarter and Brady will find a way to win it. 23-13 Pats is my prediction.


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                            Patriots 14
                            Jets 12


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                              Keys to Patriots winning

                              -Run the ball. Running is huge in the playoffs..control the time and tear this soft run D apart when we get the chance

                              -Prevent big plays. We cant let stupid plays like MJD's 70 yard run where he got knocked down but got him or when Cotchery landed on the DB in first meeting but wasnt ruled down. We need to be aware and play the whistle.

                              -Playaction/screen. Jets will blitz..they want to blitz because if they dont...Brady will pick them apart. Keep them off balance with playaction to freeze them and set the screen to catch them off guard

                              -HOLD ON TO THE BALL . No fumbles or INTs. Catch the ball and dont tip it where you wont get it. Hang onto ball with full security because in the cant get away with losing the ball as much as u can in regular season. Crucial to hang onto the bal

                              -Penalties..we've been getting a lot of penalties this smart and dont give them an easy way out with stupid penalties like offside(OL...) roughing passer(Seymour..) or PI(Mr. Hobbs)

                              Matchups to watch
                              * Ferguson verse Seymour - Seymour is a top 5 DL in the the rookie whos boss. Play the whistle and knock him around..mess with him phyiscally and mentally.

                              * Wilfork verse Mangold - another rookie verse a vet..gotta push him around and make ihm nervous. Show him why your a great young NT..back from injury..should be rested.

                              * Coles/Cotchery verse Pats secondary - no big plays..cant let it happen. we need to tackle and not allow YAC. Samuel should be fine but Coles is very fast and could give him trouble with double moves since Samuel bites a lot(even though teams dont do double moves much on him). Hobbsn eeds to step it up big..hes got the attitude and is physically gifted enough but he needs to be smarter with techniqueand recognition. Sanders needs to step up once again if Rodney cant go. Need to communicate back there

                              * Maroney/Dillon/Faulk verse Jets Front 7/8: There run D isnt that good..we need to take it to them all game and hang onto ball. Faulk has created a big mismatch verse Jets this year with speed/quickness/smarts matching up with the LBs. We need the OL to push

                              *Rhodes verse Offense: Cant let Kerry Rhodes roam the box and be the leading tackler playing in the box. we need to shut him down..get a body on him and make sure he doesnt blitz and get to Brady. Hes their biggest playmaker. Watson needs to beat this kid and lower his confidence.

                              *McDaniels..verse McDaniels - OC. you need to call a great game pretty stuff. Just get out the game plan and run the proper plays when needed.

                              Patriots win 24-10 IMO



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