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Who Wins: Giants v. Eagles

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    I think the Giants have about a 35-40% shot of winning. It depends on Tiki. Obviously if he has a game like he did against the Redskins the Giants should win. Even though the Eagles ended up winning by 2 TDs in their last game against the Giants, the game was closer than that. We'll see how the G-Men's revamped O-line can play. Hard to tell if they were as good as it seemed or if it was the Redskins inability in the last game.


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      Igles win this 31-24.

      Thanks to jackalope


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        Eagles fly away with this one. The Giants are too inconsistent.


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          Im a diehard Giants fan.

          But...I just don't see how I can logically say that they will win. The percentages are low, like 30%. Philly has shut down Barber twice this year, our oline is in shambles, Eli is slumping, we might not have Shockey, we don't have Toomer, we have no Strahan, we have Tim Lewis and Tom Coughlin going against Andy Reid, Jeff Garcia's only playoff victory in his career came against the Giants, we're on the road....everything indicates a Philly win.

          But it is a division rivalry game, so theres always hope. Thats the little hope that Im clinging on to. Thats why I said numerous times in the Giants team discussion that I wanted to play Dallas or Philly in the playoffs. I felt, and still feel that would be our only chance at a first round victory.


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            I think the Giants will step up and win this one. The formula is pretty simple. RUN, RUN, RUN and on defense, prevent the big play.



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