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Regular Season Over: Now who is REALLY the OROY?

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    Originally posted by Hurricane Ditka
    Originally posted by ChrisCybulski
    Originally posted by aNYtitan
    My breakdown goes like this:

    1.Vince Young:highest winning percentage for a rookie in several years
    2.Maurice Jones-Drew:Its something special when a rookie gets 2,237 total yardage
    3.Marcu McNeil:Started all 16 games and paved the road for the best RB in the game

    Don't you mean 2? lol, Big Ben went 14-0.

    But still, even though I don't really agree with it, mostly due to subpar passing stats, he'll still win rookie of the year.
    Kyle Orton 9-5?
    him too. So basically he has the best winning percentage by a rookie QB in one year.

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      MJD, hands down...I know that everyone's beloved Vince Young took the team to 8-8, but he had some very horrible, he had to run the ball as much as he did because their oline wasn't very good...

      Maurice Jones-Drew nearly had 1000 yards rushing behind fred taylor, had almost 500 receiving yards, was 4th on the team in receptions and was in the top 10 in the league in returning kicks...he even scored one...which he ended up tied for third in the league in total touchdowns...had they not used him so sparingly in the first three weeks he'd probably have close to 20 total touchdowns...without MJD the jags don't even come close to 8-8...

      1) MJD
      2) Vince Young
      3) Marcus McNeil
      4) Colston
      5) Reggie Bush


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        Re: Regular Season Over: Now who is REALLY the OROY?

        Originally posted by WhisperSeek
        Vince Young

        - 51.5% completions
        - 2199 yrds passing
        - 12 TD passes; 13 INT's
        - QB rating: 66.7
        - 83 rushes for 552 yrds and 7 TD's
        I don't think you can vote for someone who puts up those passing numbers, over a guy like Colston who set a record and Bush who had over 1200 total yards


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          According to profootball weekly, Vince Young will be the OROY.


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            Drew all the way. He's got huge number, he played very well and like Jay said he was behind a 1000 yds's rusher. Great season.



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              drew should win this. he probly wont though

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                Drew out performed Bush in every way shape and form. Colston wont get it because he missed a few games. VY's passer rating is horrible and although he has been excellent I still think it should go to Jones-Drew



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                  It's ashame lineman will never win the award, because Marcus McNeill and Nick Mangold would both top the list. Mangold is one of the strongest lineman I've ever seen, especially with the way he drives tackles off the ball.

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                    Maurice Jones-Drew is a better and more productive player than Reggie Bush. I like Vince Young, but he doesn't deserve it, he has a long way to go when it comes to development.


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                      Mo-Drew and VY are the clear favorites to me, but Young will win it.

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                        I want MJD to win, but VY will.

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