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Nolan allowed to wear suit for eight home games

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  • Nolan allowed to wear suit for eight home games

    Mike Nolan will be allowed to wear a suit on the sideline for each of the 49ers' eight home games, an NFL spokesman said today.

    "We've agreed to coach Nolan's request," said Brian McCarthy, the NFL's director of corporate communications. "He told us he was looking (to wear the suit) for the eight home games."

    The issue generated a lot of conversation among 49ers fans in the past week, as Nolan said he had been told that he could wear a suit on the sideline for only two games this season. He and Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio wore suits during two games last season, too.

    McCarthy emphasized it is the NFL that determines the policy for what coaches wear on the sideline. Nolan said last week that he was under the impression it was Reebok making the decision. Reebok pays the NFL a reported $250 million to be the clothing supplier for the league.

    Shortly after the issue resurfaced last week, 49ers fans began showing their support for Nolan. On this blog, a person identifying himself as "ninerfan21" first suggested fans wear suits for the 49ers' season-opening Monday night game against the Cardinals on Sept. 10. It was an idea that gained a lot of momentum in short period of time.

    So why did the NFL decide to change its policy?

    "Commissioner (Roger) Goodell took a harder look at it and he supported the issue," McCarthy said. "In recognition of Nolan's desire to salute and honor his father, we expanded (the policy) to meet his request."

    Nolan's father, Dick, was a head coach for 11 seasons, including eight with the 49ers. He led the 49ers to their first three division titles. Like many of the coaches of yesteryear, Dick Nolan wore a suit and tie on the sideline.

    Recently, Dick has fallen on hard times. He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and lives in an assisted-living facility in Texas for patients dealing with dementia. He also suffers from prostate cancer.

    Nolan is does not plan to wear a suit during the exhibition season. He asked to wear the suit for the eight home games, instead of the full 16-game regular season, as a compromise, a 49ers spokesman said.

    When Nolan was hired as coach of the 49ers in January 2005, he informed the league of his desire to be allowed to wear a suit on the sideline. According to McCarthy, it was "too late in the cycle" for the league to do anything for that season.

    Nolan and Del Rio worked with Reebok to design suits to be worn for two games apiece last season.

    During the league meeting in March, the league asked the remaining coaches if they had any desire to wear suits. Nobody chose to join Nolan and Del Rio, although Nolan said last week 49ers assistant head coach Mike Singletary would like to wear a suit when he becomes a head coach.

    * * *

    I'd really like to get in contact with "Ninerfan21". Please email me at Thank you.

    This is NFL talk, this opens it up for other coaches also.

    Die hard 49ers fan for over 20 years.

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    If coaches want to look more respectable, more power to them. Of course, sponsors must agree but I'd imagine it would be fine if it was a Reebok suit.


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      I dont care what Kiffin wears as long as he wins games.
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        That's good NFL Coaches should be allowed to wear suits. Landry, Lombardi.

        Seattle Sports baby!

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          sounds great although I don't know if I wanna see Reid or Holmgren in a suit. guys like Nolan, Del Rio, Gruden, Edwards, Linehan, Kiffen etc will look great in them and add a much need professional touch to the sideline

          big ups to Sf49ers1121


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            I like suits, and think there should be some kind of dress code for coaches. Players get fined for wearing their socks too low, but some coaches look like **** on the sidelines.


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              suits should be allowed but not required IMO.

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                San Francisco is one of the only places where you could pull that off because of the temperature. Everywhere else pretty much you would be sweating balls or have some mad shrinkage going on at some point in the year. Nolan's a pimp though. JDR should wear one for eight games too.


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                  They should be able to wear whatever the hell they want. This Reebok crap is just that...complete crap.

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                    Meh. Either way Bellichek will wear a torn hoodie so it does not affect the only coach that matters to me at this current point in time.


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                      Hmm sounds like Reebok needs to make suits... that is before Under Armor beats them to it. Click clack.


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                        I thought the suits they were wearing last season were indeed made by RBK. If I am wrong correct me and I shall apoligize in advance.


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                          personally who cares what the coaches wear? but why in the jacksonville heat would you want to even wear a suit is a better question? but i mean come on ... endorsers have to much power

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                            Originally posted by HoopsDemon12 View Post
                            personally who cares what the coaches wear? but why in the jacksonville heat would you want to even wear a suit is a better question? but i mean come on ... endorsers have to much power
                            The Reggie Bush fine comes to mind.


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                              yeah good for him he should be allowed to wear suits if he wants to



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