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Name some guys from your team who could breakout in 2007

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  • Name some guys from your team who could breakout in 2007

    Who are some guys from your team that (outside of the fans and organization) nobody knows much about, but could/should have a breakout year in 2007? The purpose of this is to give some names to look out for.

    Bernard Pollard, SS- Performed great on ST's last season with 3 blocked punts, and is ready to contribute on defense. He's a huge hitter, and will be all over ESPN's "Jacked Up" segment throughout his career. Will be the starter at SS, and looks to have a bright future.

    Jarrad Page, FS- He was kind of like the Marcus Colston of defense last season, but deffinetely not as productive. Really showed flashes with game saving INT's, and has the confidence of his coaches. The Chiefs have a great young duo at the safety spots.

    Chris Hannon, WR- UDFA out of Tennesse last season could end up the #3 WR. I think he might of suffered a little bit from poor QB play and playcalling in college, just like Meachem did. Could have had a breakout season if he were still on the team in 06.

    Will Svitek, OT- Drafted in the 2nd day a couple years back comming out of Standford as a DL, but the Chiefs had plan for him on the other side of the ball. In his first year playing the position, quickly became the best OT in NFL Europe, and has alot of potential. Will battle for either one the OT spots this season.

    Kris Wilson, FB/TE/H-back- Wilson is a very versatile guy that the Chiefs plugged in at FB last season after an injury to Ronnie Cruz. Not the greatest blocker, but an excellent receiver out of the backfield. The Chiefs are finally starting to realize what kind of weapon he is. I think H-back is his long term position though, and I expect the Chiefs to include the position into the playbook as Tony G gets older.

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    James Sanders S - I am absolutely in love with Sanders. Was effective while playing last year, but showed his inexperiences from time to time. I was hoping he could be the future at the SS position, but with the drafting of Merriweather the coaching staff either thinks different, or is planning on moving Wilson to CB to make room for Merriweather at FS. I am predicting the acquisition of Merriweather will push Sanders to become a better pro.

    Stephen Gostkowski K - Silent K was a bit shakey at the beginning of the year but down the stretch he was fantastic (no misses in post-season). People in Mass will be beginning to ask Adam who?


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      Green Bay Packers

      Greg Jennings: Rookie last year who was on pace for 1000+ yards last season before his injury. Jennings is the solidified #2 and should see a lot of balls thrown his way this season. Very refined and athletic receiver with good hands and YAC ability. Wouldn't be surprised to see him put up 1000+ yards.

      Vernand Morency: Very fast and elusive runningback but he also has a strong and compact frame. Morency is very quick and moves well lateraly, making him a terror to tackle. Plus, he's packed on 10 pounds of muscle this season and should at worst get half the carries for the Packers this season.

      Cullen Jenkins: Athletic defensive tackle who moved to defensive end near the end of last season. Jenkins will start opposite Aaron Kampman next season and should be a factor in both the run and pass game.

      Those are three of the main guys I expect to have big seasons. There are a ton I could list because the Packers are so young but I'll let you guys chew on those for now.


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        santonio holmes- just imagine wat he wouldve done if he started all 16 games
        a beast

        anthony smith- just what i said for santonio

        ben roethlisburger-he never had a big passing year and this year i think he will

        heath miller-under used in cowhers offence, not in tomlins. he will get a lot of balls thrown

        brett keisel- playin the rover position really and he will imo lead the team in sacks this year

        bryant mcfadden-this is the year taht he steps up and beats out deshea for the starting job

        ike taylor-imo this is the year that he breaks out and goes to the pro bowl


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          Cincinnati Bengals

          Ahmad Brooks - Showed flashes last year but was far too rusty to play significant minutes. With this offseason and camp/preseason he will take over the reins at MLB and wants to be the leader of the defense. All of the physical skills are there, he could explode.

          Robert Geathers - Yes, he had double digit sacks last year but he was inconsistant. With one more year under his belt he should overtake full time duties and have a greater opportunity to rush the passer and disrupt in the backfield.

          I think going into '08 the 3 best defenders for the Bengals will be Johnathan Joseph, Ahmad Brooks and Robert Geathers.


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            Troy Williamson

            Erasmus James

            Chad Greenway


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              Houston Texans

              DEMario Williams - Healthy with a year of experience under his belt. He also won't be moved around on the line and will stay at DE.

              TEOwen Daniels - Great rookie season. Only 34 receptions but 5 td's.


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                Good posts so far boys. I should have gone more players and more in-depth. I shall update it some time later when I feel less lazy.


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                  Cato June- Many would consider him "broken out" already but he is now in a pure Tampa 2. Expect INTs, deflected passes, and plenty of tackles.

                  Wide Receiver- Maurice Stovall- 6'5, big with solid hands and acrobatic ability. Will take many more snaps this season than last and I expect big red zone #'s.


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                    You could argue J.P losman already did... but wiht a more solid line and a decent supporting cast i think he is poised

                    John McCargo will step up and show ppl why he was taken so high last year

                    Ashton Youtboty will become a lockdown corner and make everyone forget about a certain overpaid corner

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                      RB: Jerious Norwood-Had over 600 yards rushing in a backup role to Warrick Dunn, and the highest YPC average among RB's(I think). Had a few injuries, but expects to be the starter in this run-heavy offense.


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                        For the Ravens:

                        Dawan Landry and Haloti Ngata would probably be the obvious choices. Both had solid rookie seasons in starting for the best defense in the NFL but with a year under their belt and 10 starters returning on that defense things will only get better for them.

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                        Originally posted by Job
                        On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
                        Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

                        So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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                          Originally posted by BigDawg819 View Post
                          For the Ravens:

                          Dawan Landry and Haloti Ngata would probably be the obvious choices. Both had solid rookie seasons in starting for the best defense in the NFL but with a year under their belt and 10 starters returning on that defense things will only get better for them.
                          I love Haloti, btw how much weight did he drop after he was drafted? I remember watching him a few years ago and he looked a hell of a lot more bloated than this season.


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                            Pisa Tinoisamoa - He's been a great player, but hopefully he can have an injury free season and just dominate

                            Tye Hill and Oshiomogho Atogwe - Im banking on one of these guys having a good year, they should be able to hold down the secondary

                            Leroy Smith -


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                              Thomas Davis- Second year stable at a position. I expect him to be able to put the mental game and his great athletic ability together. First year he was jumbled between positions so much.

                              Stanley McClover- Guy has been reported as huge now, put on 15 pounds of muscle and is really in the game mentally.

                              Also, DeAngelo Williams is expected by many to breakout. Especially if the line can get together and pick up the "zone blocking".



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