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Fitzgerald looking to fly out of Arizona?

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    ya it was a gg, that was a bs call against Wilson late in the game but who says that you wouldn't of won it in over time anyways


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      I thought that was helmet to helmet isnt that illegal. I know the ref called unsportsman like.


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        he called forearm to helmet, but it was to the chest


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          Deffintley a clean hit in my opinion, but as vicious as it gets.


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            o from my angle I thought it was a helmet 2 helmet. That hit was nice.


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              Fitz is one of my favorite players I hope a team I like gets him

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                I tried to tell everyone that Whis wasn't this creative offensive genious that would take advantage of Arizona's weapons like everyone said. Whis loves to run the ball and is very conservative in his play call. The one time in his tenure he really opened up the playbook was in the playoffs in '05 where that led us to the superbowl.

                Other than that he loves to run on first and second down and pass on 3rd and long.

                I hope he knows he is always welcome back to his roots at Heinz Field.

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                  did anyone notice that he got 6 catches yesterday and Boldin had 18, maybe if he had the dedication of Q he would get the ball more


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                    Or maybe if the Cardinals just played their QB that can actually throw it more than 5 yards he would have more catches.

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                      You guys are missing an important point: When Boldin and Fitzgerald have been putting up their gaudy stats over the last 3 years, the Cards have SUCKED. We actually have a balanced attack this year, a run game (who would have thought???), a fairly competent O-line, etc. It's a breath of fresh air. We've been very competitive in every game we've played and the schedule has been tough thus far. This is a good AZ Cards team, if he wants to leave, it's his loss. I'd miss Fitz's leaps for jump balls but I'll get over it. His hands are not as good as he gets credit for. I think Boldin, Johnson, and Urban could carry the receiving game.


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                        I doubt this has any funding. Arizona is winning games and Fitz is an athlete, athletes enjoy winning, so surely he won't mind too much. The fact they're not passing a whole lot isn't 100% true either, it's more the fact they discovered you can run with the ball as well.

                        And so what if he leaves in 2010 that's still two years away and I doubt he has already made up his mind.

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