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  • Fitzgerald Contract Talks

    I'll just copy the parts I felt are important

    While wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald spends the week in Hawaii preparing for the Pro Bowl, the Cardinals have made a contract extension offer in an effort to lower Fitzgerald’s monstrous salary cap figure for 2008.

    Fitzgerald’s salary is scheduled to be $14.6 million this season, with a cap number around $16 million.

    “His cap number will have an affect with how we proceed in free agency,” Graves said, allowing that without a new deal, the Cards not only will be hamstrung with new players but also re-signing their own free agents.

    “We will keep working on it,” Graves said. “All three of those guys, Larry, Karlos and Calvin, have expressed a desire to stay here. We just want to work a deal (with Fitzgerald) where we don’t lose any ground (building the team).”

    It's about time they started talking, I'm kind of amazed that even with a $16 million dollar cap hit we still should have about $30 Million left in cap space, if we can front load his contract but cut the hit down to around $12 million, we should easily be able to franchise Dansby, sign Pace long term and have some room left to pursue some quality depth or a big name FA

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    You guys should just go ahead and trade him to us. We'll gladly take that money off your hands. ;)



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