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  • Bryant Johnson

    How good was this guy? I know he played behind two amazing WR's but did he show flashes or any signs that he could live up to his 1st round draft choice? Would be be any good as a starting WR? I just wanna know anything about this guy, pros and cons.

    thanks in advance

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    He never really got a chance to be a number one with Boldin coming out of nowhere and Fitz being picked the next year, but he has some good tools. He's still only like 24 or 25 so he can still develop into a #1 somewhere, that is if he makes FA.


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      He will never be a #1 WR, a quality #3 guy and possible could be an average 2 but not a #1, he just lacks the mental part of the game to do so. When we needed him to step up the most is when he disappeared

      of course someone is going to pay him like a #2 WR



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