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  • 2009 NFL Draft

    Figured since it's so close I might as well start a thread to talk about who we want or to discuss the picks we make

    here is my expectations for the draft

    31. Donald Brown RB UConn - not a huge fan and I feel that it's a step sideways from Edge, but it frees cap space and he does compliment Hightower

    63. Lawrence Sidbury OLB Richmond - Big fan of his, and I'm starting to doubt that he will be available at our pick, wouldn't mind trading up in the 2nd round again if necessary.

    95. Jonathan Luigs C Arkansas - Should step in day 1 and become the starter, needs to get stronger but we have a great S&C coach in John Lott so that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    131. Derek Pegues FS Miss State - I'm not 100% sold on Rolle as our long term FS still, he is obviously a huge playmaker but far from consistent and there were even take of him becoming a cap casualty at the beginning of the offseason. Pegues can also contribute in the return game.

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    31. Beanie Wells, RB, Ohio State - if he is on the board no doubt the Cards would take him. However, that is the problem. I'm not so sure that Wells will fall all the way down to the Cards, and if that is the case they will have to look elsewhere at RB or either OLB/OL. Other possible picks: Donald Brown - RB, Larry English - OLB, Alex Mack - C.

    63. Lawrence Sidbury, OLB, Richmond - I agree with you on this one fenikz. He is rising fast, but hopefully he will still be around when the Cards pick. I think he would be a great addition to the pass rush in the 3-4, and the Cardinals should probably have a lot of scouting on him since Hightower also went to Richmond I believe. Other possible picks: Eric Wood - C, Max Unger - C/OL.

    95. Jonathan Luigs, C, Arkansas - Cardinals won't go far with Sendlein at center and Al Johnson was a waste. Luigs would step in and be an instant starter most likely, and will hopefully give the Cardinals some stability at center. Other possible picks: Chase Coffman - TE, Sammie Lee Hill - DT.

    131. Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin - TE was a weak position for the Cardinals last year. Pope hasn't panned out and Steven Spach was the Cardinals top TE at times. I really like Beckum and think he would help strengthen the depth and maybe even get a shot at starting at some point in the year. Other possible picks: Gerald Cadogan - OT, David Bruton - S.

    Pretty much the same draft as fenikz.
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      it's weird picking so late, normally you could pick out 2 or 3 guys that we were going to get, but the draft could fall so many different ways and we just have to take who ever the BPA is for us


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        My final mock of the year for the Cardinals. Here goes nothin'.

        No. 31 -- RB Donald Brown, Connecticut

        I really don't think we go after a running back in the first round unless the value is tremendous - which is what I think the value is here. It'll come down to likely Knowshon Moreno, Beanie Wells or one Donald Brown, and I think Brown's versatality in not only running the football, but catching the ball out of the backfield and picking up pass rushers and keeping Warner clean. But I think Barwin is here, I don't think we hesitate to go there either.

        I do hold a trade back into account as well. That'd be interesting to see if a team moves up for a guy like Percy Harvin if he falls. Keep him away from the 'Burgh.

        No. 63 -- C Jonathan Luigs, Arkansas

        Eric Wood is most definitely not going to last until here, and I don't think we have enough ammo to get a deal done to move up into the mid-2nd round, and not enough guts to take him before Mack in the first. On to Luigs, a two time Rimington winner with potential to be a top three center in a star studded class.

        Questions about strength will be gone once he gets inside our S&C camps, and I think he has the potential to overtake Lyle in Camp as well. Could be an interesting project for Russ Grimm. I also don't think Luigs lasts until the third. Better to be safe then sorry.

        No. 95 -- S Darcel McBath, Texas Tech

        Agreeing with fenikz here, Rolle could be a cap casualty as early as next offseason. Even then, we have major questions in the defensive backfield in the impending future. McBath is a quality player, I love this kid! He has excellent versatility and blazing speed, also a willing special teamer. Couldn't be more happy if we get this kid.

        No. 131 -- DE/LB Brandon Long, Michigan State

        Need a passrusher, but I think it cant be neglected too long.


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          so umm, we win at football

          Can't believe that Beanie fell all the way to us, I know there was a slight chance of it but until we the pick was announced I didn't believe it, he was getting comparisons to Jim Brown as early as a year ago, of course no one is Jim Brown but to be put in the same sentence as him is just a huge honor in it self

          Cody Brown looks like a great fit, wasn't a guy i looked at too often predraft but now it seems he is a NFL ready guy who has a much higher floor but lower ceiling then Sidbury


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            You guys had a nice first day; addressed two big needs.

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              I was a little angry we went Brown over Sidbury, but I realize Brown is ready to contribute right away and Sidbury is a little ways off. Brown's going to be a great player for us and now gives us the ability to cut Chike.


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                Loving our draft through 6 rounds

                already talked about Wells and Brown so ill just start back up with the 3rd

                Rashad Johnson FS Alabama - was clearly the BPA and another big steal for us, I don't think Rolle will be cut this season but it's very possible next year to free some cap space to resign Wilson, Dansby, Dockett and Boldin. Was always a amazing ST guy and will help us in our 3 safety sets.

                Grade: A

                Greg Toler CB St Paul - What might seem like a reach for some could be one of the biggest steals in the draft as Jbond put it
                Greg Toler moved way up draft boards these past two weeks. A bigtime upside guy who could turn into a #1 corner in the NFL. Great measurables, good speed He is very raw though, but he has the tools to play in the NFL and if he hits his upside you will have the nastiest corner duo in the NFL. He just needs some great coaching
                So with that endorsement I have to give it another.

                Grade: A

                Herman Johnson OG LSU - Dude is huge, you know Grimm has to love this pick, he was going to us in the 2nd in a lot of mocks for most of the year until his work outs. With a year or two of great S&C and coaching he can be a starter and at the very least great depth.

                Grade: B+

                Will Davis DE Illinois - Didn't see him play much so I'm just going off of scouting reports here, looks like another high ceiling guy who needs NFL coaching and our weight room, Whis seems to be very confident with drafting these type of players, Jbond said he could be Calais Campbell Jr.

                Grade B


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                  Loved this draft. I would probably give it an A or A- overall.

                  Beanie Wells was a great pick. Should step in day one and start. Hopefully he will give the Cardinals the running game they have desperately needed for awhile. Grade: A+

                  Cody Brown was not somebody I was looking at either predraft, and it's looking like Brown was the better pick over Sidbury as Sidbury fell all the way to the 4th I believe. The Cards needed more pass rush and Brown will probably be used during 3rd down situations early on while being groomed for starting duties later. I am really starting to like this pick. Grade: A-

                  I loved the Rashad Johnson pick. I was expecting him to go in the mid 2nd round and it's great that he fell all the way to the 3rd for the Cards. To me, he is a lot like Adrian Wilson. He looks to have the fire, determination, and leadership skills that Wilson does. I believe he will be the Cards starter at FS within 2 years. Grade: A

                  Gregory Toler I was not really familiar with before the draft, but after reading a lot of scouting reports it seems like the Cards could have a major steal on their hands. A lot of reports said he was a small-school sleeper with the potential to be a starting CB and he was drawing a lot of comparisons to DRC. Kid seems confident that he will be a good player too. Grade: B+

                  I'm kind of mad that we didn't address the OL until the 5th round, but looking at our 4 picks it's not that bad. Herman Johnson was going in the 2nd round in a lot of people's mocks, and was another OG that fell in the draft. Big, big boy who I think with a lot of S&C coaching and a rigorous workout could turn into a good OG. None really better than Grimm to help him with that. I think getting him down to 340-345 would really improve his blocking and speed. Grade: B+

                  Will Davis seems like a situational pass rusher that could potentially turn into a starter. While I would greatfully welcome his pass rushing skills, I can't help but wonder why the Cards didn't go with A.Q. Shipley here. Still, Davis should help the pass rush and will probably only be useful on 3rd downs his first couple years in the league. Grade: B-

                  I like the pick of LaRod Stephens-Howling to help out the return game. To me, this is essentially a replacement for J.J. Arrington. He will likely spare Breaston some returns while coming in as a change of pace back for Wells and Hightower. I can't really fault this pick here. Grade: B

                  I LOVE the pick of Trevor Canfield with our last pick. IMO, I think he will turn out better than Herman Johnson will. He has a nasty streak and has the strength and agility to neutralize a lot defensive players. I read that he could play center as well, but I like him as a guard more. However, with Grimm coaching him there's no telling how he could do at center. Grade: A-

                  My only gripes with this draft is that we didn't go after a C or TE. Those were two of our biggest needs going into the draft IMO. I would've loved to get A.Q. Shipley in the 6th over Davis. He would have been a substantial improvement over Sendlein. Some possible UDFA's I would like to see the Cards pick up:

                  Frantz Joseph, ILB
                  Chris Baker, DT
                  Gerald Cadogan, OT
                  Everette Pedescleaux, 3-4 DE
                  Alex Fletcher, C



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                    Beanie was a steal.. great job on day 2 thought you made a lot of solid moves to give you depth.. looks like your putting together solid players to go along with your stars..


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                      While I heard the rumors before that Whis and Grimm were fine with Siendline at C this draft proves it, they are seeing something that they can build with and the two OG's should put Deuce on notice

                      In one of press conferences Whis said that they were looking at TEs but that the players they were targetting went too early and that those who were left didn't fit there scheme(aka they can't block)


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                        Originally posted by fenikz View Post
                        While I heard the rumors before that Whis and Grimm were fine with Siendline at C this draft proves it, they are seeing something that they can build with and the two OG's should put Deuce on notice

                        In one of press conferences Whis said that they were looking at TEs but that the players they were targetting went too early and that those who were left didn't fit there scheme(aka they can't block)
                        I hope so. I'm not sold on Sendlein at center, but if Grimm and Whis have enough trust in him to not draft a center in a strong draft for centers then there must be something I am missing. We'll see how he does at the start of the year.

                        Bear Pascoe could've been a nice pick up. I don't remember what round he went in (6th or 7th?), but to me he was one of the best blocking TE's in the draft. The only problem is that there isn't much more to his game which is probably what Whis and Co. were looking for. I guess the more I think about it the more I feel that this is true. There were not many TE's who could block and receive well after the 3rd round or so IMO.




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