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    I was looking at the best drafting teams since 2005 thread in the Draft Forum, and figured I would look back at past Cardinals drafts to see how well they've really done with their drafts. I'll start at the 2003 draft since the 2002 draft was horrible.

    2003 Draft:
    1(17). Bryant Johnson, WR - not a 1st round WR, but was decent at times. No longer with the team.
    1(18). Calvin Pace, DE/OLB - never panned out at DE, but was a good 3-4 OLB. Left via free agency.
    2(54). Anquan Boldin, WR - no explanation really necessary.
    3(70). Gerald Hayes, LB - good pick, starting ILB and is an about an average LB in the NFL.
    5(141). Kenny King, DE - don't think he ever made the team.
    6(177). Reggie Wells, OG - good pick this late, starting LG.
    6(210). Tony Gilbert, LB - don't think he ever made the team.

    2004 Draft:
    1(3). Larry Fitzgerald, WR - no explanation really necessary.
    2(33). Karlos Dansby, LB - great LB for the Cards, part of the core of our defense.
    3(64). Darnell Dockett, DT - Pro-Bowler and a great overall player.
    4(100). Alex Stepanovich, C - never showed much, no longer with the team.
    5(135). Antonio Smith, DE - pretty good 3-4 DE, but bolted away via free agency.
    6(167). Nick Leckey, C - like Stepanovich, never really panned out either and is no longer with the team.
    7(202). John Navarre, QB - played in one game I think, no longer with the team.

    2005 Draft:
    1(8). Antrel Rolle, CB/FS - didn't turn out that well at CB, but is starting at FS.
    2(44). J.J. Arrington, RB - pretty much a bust, no longer with the team.
    3(75). Eric Green, CB - started for a couple years, nothing special and is no longer with the team.
    3(95). Darryl Blackstock, LB - bust, never amounted to anything and is no longer with the team.
    4(111). Elton Brown, OG - nothing special, backup all of his career.
    5(168). Lance Mitchell, LB - I don't think he ever played with the Cards.
    7(226). LeRon McCoy, WR - never amounted to much, no longer with the team.

    2006 Draft:
    1(10). Matt Leinart, QB - backing up Kurt Warner right now, hasn't shown that he is a franchise QB.
    2(41). Deuce Lutiu, OG - starting at RG right now, just about an average OG.
    3(72). Leonard Pope, TE - good redzone threat, but that is about it.
    4(107). Gabe Watson, NT - probably the best pick of this draft, starting NT.
    5(142). Brandon Johnson, LB - don't think he ever made the team.
    6(177). Jonathan Lewis, DT - don't think he ever made the team.
    7(218). Todd Watkins, WR - don't think he ever made the team.

    2007 Draft:
    1(5). Levi Brown, OT - starting RT, but so far not worth the #5 pick.
    2(33). Alan Branch, DT - pretty much a bust, backup NT.
    3(69). Buster Davis, LB - think he got cut his rookie season.
    5(142). Steve Breaston, WR - great pick, #3 receiver and over 1,000 yards receiving last year.
    7(215). Ben Patrick, TE - blocking TE, probably a career backup.

    2008 Draft:
    1(16). Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB - great pick, starting CB and destined to be a great shutdown corner.
    2(50). Calais Campbell, DE - starting at DE in the 3-4 this year, we'll see how he turns out.
    3(81). Early Doucet, WR - injured a lot his first season, will compete for the 4th WR this year.
    4(116). Kenny Iwebema, DE - backup DE right now, not too bad.
    5(149). Tim Hightower, RB - great pick, good power runningback and started some last year.
    6(185). Chris Harrington, OLB - hasn't shown anything yet.
    7(225). Brandon Keith, OT - backup OT right now, but I like his potential.

    Pro-Bowlers - 3 (Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Darnell Dockett)
    Starters (currently on the team) - 14 (Tim Hightower, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Leonard Pope, Reggie Wells, Deuce Lutiu, Levi Brown, Darnell Dockett, Gabe Watson, Calais Campbell, Gerald Hayes, Karlos Dansby, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Antrel Rolle)
    Other starters selected before 2003 - 1 (Adrian Wilson)

    Fun Facts
    - The Cardinals haven't drafted a pro-bowl player since Larry Fitzgerald in 2004.
    - The Cardinals drafted 2 pro-bowlers, and maybe a future pro-bowler in the 2004 draft. (Larry Fitzgerald, Darnell Dockett, Karlos Dansby). I also think this was the Cardinals best overall draft.
    - Only 2 of the Cardinals 7 draft picks in the 2005 draft are still with the team.
    - The Cardinals drafted starters in the 5th round in two consecutive years (2007 - Steve Breaston, 2008 - Tim Hightower).
    - The position drafted most since 2003 by the Cardinals is WR with 7 players selected.
    - The position drafted least since 2003 (not including FB) is S with 1/2 players selected. *2 if you count Antrel Rolle as a S.
    - The Cardinals favorite college to draft from (including 2009 draft) is Michigan with 4 players selected. Next were Florida State and Pittsburgh with 3 each.

    Top 5 Best Picks - Larry Fitzgerald (#3 overall, 2004), Anquan Boldin (#54 overall, 2003), Darnell Dockett (#64 overall, 2004), Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie (16th overall, 2008), Karlos Dansby (#33 overall, 2004).
    Top 5 Value Picks (4th round or later) - Steve Breaston (#152 overall, 2007), Gabe Watson (#107 overall, 2006), Reggie Wells (#177 overall, 2003), Tim Hightower (#149 overall, 2008), Antonio Smith (#135 overall, 2004)
    Top 5 Worst Picks (3rd round or higher) - Bryant Johnson (#17 overall, 2003), Buster Davis (#69 overall, 2007), Alan Branch (#33 overall, 2007), J.J. Arrington (#44 overall, 2005), Matt Leinart (#10 overall, 2006).


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    Gotta remember regime change.

    The 2 drafts Wiz had, he did a good job of making the most of his late round picks.

    I expect the same from this one, Toler, Johnson and either Howling or Davis could end up becoming contributors. Make a significant impact on the team.


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      as the years go by the worse of a talent evaluator Denny Green becomes



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