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Bobby Petrino on the O-Line's size

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  • Bobby Petrino on the O-Line's size

    Q. How is the offensive line coming together, and is anybody still under 300 pounds?

    A. "I don't think there's anyone under 300 pounds."

    Q. Even [center] Todd McClure?

    A. "I think we're going to try to keep him around 297, 298. That's where he feels the best with his movement. I'm very impressed with him. He really understands football, helps everybody up front. Comes out every day and works hard. We've got to keep him healthy and have him play all 16 games, because that would help us a lot."
    Very good news. I hope this leads to positive play out of the O-Line late into the season.

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    there are a lot of people that Dog on McClure over at the OMBs. In reality most of our Oline problems last year were coming from Gandy and Lehr, and then more problems spawned when Forney got hurt. I mean think about it, the best center in the draft, Ryan Kalil; the guy that everyone pictured a lock for the first round, was said to be most comparable to McClure.


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      No doubt, the left side of the line failed us miserably. I mean Lehr was using roids and wasn't strong enough. Datish is going to make a GREAT replacement for McClure next year though...or the year after.



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