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  • No Vick, No Problem?

    The Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick has found himself being in the middle of a high school football player's dream. Being paid not to practice. The Falcons fans are torn, some don't ever want to see Vick on the field with a Falcons uniform on again, and some just want to have their Quarterback back.

    Being at the center of a dog fighting ring controversy has brought more negative attention than Michael could have ever thought possible, and if he's proven innocent in court then a lot of people are going to have to pay a surgeon to remove the shoe leather from their mouth. I for one will just take the wait and see approach. If he's not guilty he may still never play in Atlanta, but if he's not guilty I for one will cheer him on and hope he can lead the Falcons to victory in spite of all the criticism.

    While Harrington is ridiculed he has never been in a good situation for him to flourish...not saying Atlanta's WRs are going to help him in that department, but maybe the linemen can keep him upright long enough to make a few extra completions.

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    i guess the biggest indicator for me is this. For the first time in years as a Falcons fan im looking forwards to madden 2008 coming out more than i am the NFL season starting
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      This isn't a big deal. The minicamp is a fan friendly interaction type of event and PETA would ruin that expierence, because there would be a hostile enviorment there. I think the suspension is a good thing. Here is what I stated in another thread:

      "By suspending Vick from the camp, doesn't that free Vick from team punishment? If he were to miss Falcons camp, wouldn't the team have to punish him in someway for not making a camp, that I'm sure would be mandatory in his contract."

      ".....wouldn't the Falcons suspend him from the camp, and fine him for not making it when it's in his contract? So basically he would have not been in the camp no matter what, but this saves him from fines and PETA harassment, is what I'm getting at."


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        I refuse to watch any games if Joey Harrington going to be our QB.....If Vick doesnt play we better get ready for a 4-12 this sucks!


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          I think our record is going to depend more on our defense, with or without Vick.



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