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Is Warrick Dunn?

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  • Is Warrick Dunn?

    I mean really, this could be a terrible injury that he can't recover from at his age. It just keeps getting worse for us. I mean I know Norwood was going to be the primary back but we can't ask him to go for 300+ carries this year can we? We need another back to take some of the load off. But we don't have the money...this cap needs to get cleared up...

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    The future is bleak. Unless Harrington is above average or we make a trade then the next few years don't look good. This year looks near lost, a new QB would take 3 years to hit his stride, if he busts that's 3 years wasted and it starts over. By then we are big losers and young players have no desire to play for us (DHall, Boley, etc.) and free agents feel the same. Ugh.
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      I think it's safe to say the '07 season will be a long one.


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        Here's to seeing if Jerious can be a full-time back.



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