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Who will stand out against Cincy?

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  • Who will stand out against Cincy?

    Which player do you feel is going to have the most impressive game against the Bengals?

    I'm thinking Anderson is going to finally get to the QB because they are going to throw the ball against us and I think we'll see the most intense defense we have seen to this point, and I really feel like Anderson has already started adjusting to the speed of the NFL and I think he'll be able to have a very impressive game.

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    i would love to see houston get an interception. also, i really miss norwood's ridiculous runs. those were amazing last preseason.


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      I'm happy with norwood not being on the field. No need for him to be out there, he's going to be tearing up defenses all season long we'll get PLENTY of his highlights.

      Oh and the reason I didn't mention Robinson, is because that kid is already a baller, he may be the best WR on the team, that's just nasty. I wouldn't be surprised to see him have a killer game...again...I also wouldn't be too surprised if he starts at some point in this season because we can't keep him off the field with his ability.


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        yeah dude, Robinson has been surprising me a lot lately. I wouldn't be surprised if he too kthe #1 job from Jenkins and Jenkins was the #2 at season's end.

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          On defense, most of all, I want to see Jimmy Williams continue his improvement from the Bills game. Getting that FS position sorted is key to our D. I'd also like to see Houston show what he's got against Housh. I'm not worried about Anderson, I know he's going to be great. That said, some pass rush would be nice to see.

          On offense, I just want to see Harrington make good decisions, that's all.
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            I'm with D-Rod. The secondary and the quarterback positions will make or break this team.


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              I think it's going to be our defense that is make or break. To me it's going to be our pass rush that makes or breaks this defense. If we get plenty of it with 4 down and a few blitzes here and there, our secondary won't have to be as good, they will be able to get some help from the pressure. I think if our front 4 can get the QB and even our front 7, and we don't have to put 8 in the box to stop the run, our DBs can make plenty of plays. I know Jimmy is young, but he's got the ball skills to be a dominant FS so I'm really not worried about that.

              I really think the biggest thing is getting Rod back so Babs can be 100% effective because I really think Babs will be able to start soon, full time, but having depth to keep that push coming is going to be paramount. Then if Jamaal can play up to his massive size and combine numbers, that's much can Grady be on the field...behind him who's going to step up and be able to plug? Can Abe stay healthy? If not, is Carrington / Davis duo going to be enough over there and still be able to spell Anderson?


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                I think Trey Lewis will open alot of people eyes and will eventually take the backup role at NT behind G.Jackson this year. I would also like the see Jimmy Williams play well and Chris Houston.


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                  I believe this game will be a barometer for how the season is going to go. If they can stay competitive with Cincinnati, then the team just might surprise.


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                    I wanna see Joey Harrington step up this game. He has been bad all pre-season, and I wanna see some signs of improvement, potential(how long has he had that tag on him?), and pocket prescence. I don't want a top 5 pick this year even though we could snag a Brian Brohm or Woodson with it...


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                      Okay Joey is ballin out so all the detractors suck. Joey has been on point...defense needs to get off the field though. Boley and Jamaal are looking pure nasty...Hall hasn't looked good all night, but Jerious is showing why he's going to tear the NFL up on that one play...he can always get in the endzone.

                      I'm actually pretty excited now to think we can get quite a few wins...and have a good chance if our defense can step up a little bit. Just gotta be able to get off the field.


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                        man i loved joey's spirit tonight. after the first td he seemed as if he just won the superbowl. you cant help but feel for the guy. team looked sharp but it was the defense that is lacking. ocho cinco was all over dhall. sanders played him well on the two pt conversion though.


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                          welll this is kind of unrelated but im so sick of monday night commentators constantly reporting on stuff thats nonfootball. enough with the michael vick case and the constant camera coverage of teh press box with blank and mckay. sheesh, how many different ways do they have to dissect it? [/rant]


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                            Can someone tell me what they saw out of



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                              Boley- on point, very good. Made a lot of good stops and looked like he's ready for the season.

                              JWill- I will have to look back over, seemed like he could have stopped that Henry TD if he had played it better...but there was a lot of confusion on that play with the blitz they used.

                              dhall- looked AWFUL tonight...was trying to make big plays so he bit on every pump that Carson threw his way.

                              Abraham- had an offsides penalty, but played well...was held a LOT I mean a LOT.

                              Norwood- baller...this kid is special. His TD catch and run was great.

                              Roddy- sucks. Can get open just can't catch. Dropped the best pass anyone has ever thrown...really...that touch was amazing my Harrington and set it in his lap right over his shoulder...I mean I don't even know if Roddy saw it and it hit him right in the arms...any other WR anywhere makes this catch.



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