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Who will stand out against Cincy?

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    well as an asian myself, i would be proud if he makes the team but hes small and imo not as speedy as the nfl demands. but after looking at the roster its pretty much anyone's game for that last spot.


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      D-Hall being better in man than zone is IMO a myth. He constantly gets beat in man, especially by good route runners. In zone he uses his playmaking closing speed to make big plays, and read the QBs eyes. He still gets beat in zone, but I have never seen anything but potential in his man game. His speed seems to be so much more impressive when he thinks he has a chance at a big play.
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        Originally posted by iloxygenil View Post
        Oh and on that double CJ didn't even hard sell it, it was Carson that busted Hall on that.
        well i guess i have to disagree with you there, whether or not carson threw a pump fake, chad sold the slant route...if carson was throwing a pump fake and their wasnt a hard sell on a slant Hall would have nothing to bite on...CJ's move was quick and fluid, and would of beat alot of people so its not even really a knock against him, my point is that his coverage was man to man, now if your playing cover 2, or man to man with safety help over top you have the advantage of jumping short routes, maybe he just went for the big play being that it was preseason, not sure...

        but on that slant and go, it was very similiar to last yr when CJ scored on that 8 yd td pass vs you guys, he didnt have a big game, but he caught that screen pass and sold a hard fake to the outside and slid inside, his change of direction makes him tough to cover 1 on 1

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        I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.



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