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Roster Cuts ~ Predictions

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  • Roster Cuts ~ Predictions

    hmm im curious who will be cut. theres some roster battles that im curious about:

    mallard v. carrington - its close, carrington is a lot bigger but mallard seems to have a good motor.

    wilkins v. leake - leake's made some good special teams plays

    taylor v. beck - both of these players seem to be fan favorites for different reasons. beck has proven his worth while getting the few snaps he has over the years. taylor seemed bright this preseason and many good things came outta the camp about him. this battle is important because brooking is aging and the backup might need to step up in big games this yr.

    houstion v. sanders - sanders has had a quiet offseason, coming from the afc i never really heard much about him prior to this season except for that he is a solid vet. i had lofty expectations for houston coming into the offseason but he played poorly in his first game but has improved. this might be one of those cases where later in the year houston might start but 'til then it'll be sanders.

    crocker v. williams - we all know crocker's inability to cover but williams seems identical to him imo. its really been disappointing ever since i thought we had a steal in the second round. we know hes physical but mentally needs to get his game together and work on his coverage. both can hit well also.

    robinson v. white - for the third string wr, i think robinson should take the spot due to his great play in the preseason games. he seems to have adjusted well already and even though he played against soft defenses, hes physical and uses his body. as evident in the bengals game, white's dropping problem is still lingering. still he should be credited for improving; it seems his confidence has risen.

    milner v. fells - i heard petrino would implement a h-back into our offense but i havent seen much of that so maybe we might keep all 4 TEs but hopefully we dont. we definitely need depth in our secondary and lb corp.

    norwood v. dunn - no doubt, i want norwood to start the season as our guy at rb. dunn isnt the same and we need to think for the future with the qb debacle. norwood just brings so much energy in his runs and proved he can rush inside pretty efficiently. petrino is accustomed to a power run scheme so i expect snelling to remain on the roster. or mughelli might be our power guy.

    i hope i raised some good points. discuss!

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    What does this have to do with cuts...only a couple of these players have a chance of being cut..


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      lol i totally meant cuts/position battles.


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        Im starting to think that Mallard will be kept because he is good enough to play UT if need be.


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          Carrington isn't going to be cut from the team simply because of his ability to get after the passer as well as being able to play special teams


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            ok forget the cut thing. i wish i could edit that. who do you think will win those position battles?



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