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    Woot Daren Stone is on the team, all right


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      I have loved what I saw out of Daren Stone thus far. I think he will sit and learn under Milloy and become a real steal.


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        Hey so Walter is still on the Rrrrraiders roster is he, lol i thought he had been released and was wondering who else apart from Leftwhich and Walter we were after, when Petrino said " we are after a 3rd QB but we havent found him yet", i thought it meant they werent after Walter either.

        Yeah Jamarcus needs to get his but in there. Either that or Oakland trade his rights to the falcons

        Daren Stone has been great so far, but then again, i thought Snelling had been great too so Stone might be on the bubble. I hope not, he has a great upside and maybe he can be our Adrian Wilson
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