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  • The Brian Brohm Thread

    Brian Brohm
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 225 lbs

    Pros: Brohm is a franchise QB that has alot of talent. His arm strength is very solid (Better then previous prospects like Leinart and Quinn) and he throws an outstanding deep ball....He has great accuracy and can string the ball into the recievers hands despite whatever kind of coverage.....He has great decision making skills, thus limiting his turn overs....His mobility wont make us forget about Vick, but he can move enough to buy some more time for a throw.

    Cons: The biggest knock on Brohm is his durability concern. He has been injured in the previous year the year before that. If he can stay injury free this year, though...the injury concern shouldnt be too much....He may be a product of a good system (which will be seen this year by a new coach) and a weak schedule.

    Overall: As a pro prospect, Brohm is definetly up there with previous top QB picks (Alex Smith, Vince Young, Leinart, Cutler) and doesnt have a big hole as far as weaknesses go. If drafted by us, he would already be familiar with the system and would be reunited with Petrino. It seems as if a match is made for us in heaven, with Petrino coming to the Falcons, Vick going to jail, us sucking.

    '07 Stats:

    Game 1 (Murray State): 16-21 375 yards, 4 TDs. Played about 2 or 3 quarters.

    Game 2 (Middle Tennessee): 25-39 401 yards (career high), 5 TDs. Kept Louisville's offense going as their defense fell apart and led his team away from an upset.

    Hes pretty sexy.

    "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan

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    He's good...real good...but I just don't see him as 'elite' in the NFL...and that's what I want to get...I need to see more of his throwing motion etc. I also would like him to be tougher.


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      Getting him would make the Schaub trade well worth it.


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        Originally posted by iloxygenil View Post
        He's good...real good...but I just don't see him as 'elite' in the NFL...and that's what I want to get...I need to see more of his throwing motion etc. I also would like him to be tougher.
        I wouldnt say he isnt tough. Ive seen him run when there arent guys open and call his own number.

        He seems prone to injury though. Both of the previous seasons he was plagued by some injuries. If he can stay healthy this year though, he should take off all doubt about his injury issue.

        Btw, does anyone know how many games he has started in college?

        "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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          If he starts for his entire senior season he will have 34 starts coming out of college. That is a very good number. Statistically speaking, Quarterbacks that have that many starts and are still drafted high have a very high success rate in the NFL. It's the junior Quarterbacks who have only 20+ games under their belt and rise because of 'upside' that encompass the majority of the bust picks at the position.


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            Yeah thats why I was asking. There was some recent statistic on this.

            "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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              I hope he'll make it through the season, but we need some improvement on the OL before we put a high draft pick back there and get him killed. I want to go buy a big LT no matter what we have to do, I want that side of the line locked up. If that means we take an OT #1 overall, so be it...but I want our line to protect people. Without time Brohm wouldn't be able to do anything. I just really want to see more of him dropping back and passing under pressure. But a guy who gets injured that much with competition THAT much lower than the NFL...that scares me...

              I am playing pessimist here and just trying to scrutinize EVERYTHING I possibly can. So, that's why it seems that way. But if we're going to invest in a QB I want to protect him. I really think if Joey was given time he'd be perfectly fine...So if it's not going to be DRAMATIC...I would rather pick up an ELITE player...OT or otherwise to make our team better...

              So, I'm not going to jump on the QB bandwagon. Right now I'm looking for a LT / Elite RB / NT / FREAK WR...


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                Well if we have a top 3 pick. Id go for Brohm. And then either go O Line in the 1st pick of the 2nd OR package em trade back into the first right to where the drop off point of LT's is (last year it was where Staley was picked)

                If we dont have a top 3 pick meaning we most likley dont get a shot at Brohm id take a LT in the first and then either grab a QB in the 2nd ie Ainge Matt Moore etc OR, if a guy like Woodson slips, once again, package the 2nds and move into the first.

                Also i dont care what Shaub does this year and how bad we are, the Shaub trade, at the time, was a very good decision
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                  we cant dwell on schaub. whats done is done, unfortunately.


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                    Who cares about Schaub, we got Blalock that's more than enough, and we get another pick next year...we won that trade. I'd do it again even knowing this was going to go down. I'm very VERY happy at what we came up with.


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                      Even though I like Andre Woodson much more than Brian Brohm, I think Brohm is the perfect fit for the Falcons should they be in position to get him next year. Brohm has already spent three seasons in Petrino's offense and knows it real well. The Falcons would be putting Brohm in and excellent position to succeed from day one.

                      I know some Falcons fans want to address the LT situation, but I'd advise against it. The crop of QB's for the 2009 NFL Draft looks awful. You guys would probably be looking at Hunter Cantwell (who knows Petrino's offense, but in my opinion is very overrated) or Nate Longshore unless some juniors declare. While it will be tough to miss out on two excellent LT prospects in Jake Long and Sam Baker, there will be some very good ones available next year. Ryan Clady of Boise State projects as a 1st Round pick this year, but many expect him to stay so he can be the #1 OT next year. Michael Oher has received a lot of hype, although I think he projects better as a RT or G in the pros. Another guy who I love, and could opt to come out next year, is Andre Smith of Alabama. Many people think he projects as a RT, but I think has what Petrino is looking for in a LT. Ciron Black (who could declare) and Alex Boone also look like possible 1st Rounders in 2009.


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                        Atlanta Draft Board:
                        1.Darren McFadden(A true workhorse could have a major impact his 1st year besides somebody has to take over for Warrick Dunn after this season.)
                        2.Brian Bhrom(Ranks higher than Woodson only because he already knows Petrino system and should be able to start from day one.)
                        3.Jake Long(Wanye Gandy is our starting LT I think that is enough said)
                        4.Andre Woodson(Strong athletic QB with a great arm also has the size that you look for in a QB 6'5)


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                          At the moment, I would rank McFadden, Brohm and Long equally at their positions. Woodson is a little below at the moment, but could rise with a consistent season.

                          Of those three positions - and we need all three - I would rate in general importance as QB, LT, RB.

                          The reason why I rate RB lowest is that it has been consistently proven that a very good RB can be found all the way through the draft, whereas your chances of getting a successful QB drop massively after the 1st round (not everyone lucks into a Brady). Likewise the chances of getting an elite LT are minimal after the first and second rounds.

                          I'd like to see us grab a power RB to complement Norwood, but would rather look to Stewart in the second or Choice in the 3rd. We already have a playmaker at RB, so McFadden, while brilliant, would be a luxury.

                          I think everyone can agree that we need a QB and LT in the first rounds. In my opinion, the question is whether you would prefer to have Brohm and Richardson/Hills/Cherilous/Clady, or Long/Baker and Booty/Brennan/Ainge.

                          There are two places to look for an answer:
                          1) Draft history
                          2) This year's class

                          1) Draft history clearly demonstrates that your chances of finding a franchise QB drop massively after the 1st round. Only Drew Brees has emerged out of the second round in the past decade. Jackson and Clemens have a chance, but they are far from certs. On the other hand, a heap of second round tackles have succeeded. In the same period, Weiner, Jansen, Clifton, Marvel Smith, Light, M. Williams, Pearson, Stinchcomb, Terry, Barnes, Roos, Justice, Whitworth, McNeill and Ugoh have emerged from the second round. All of those are solid starters, many are much more.

                          2) In this class, there is a huge amount of very solid depth at both tackle positions. A lot of guys could go at the top of the 2nd round who may not be elite like Long, but stand a very good chance of being solid starters and even better. In particular, Cherilus and Richardson seem to fit Petrino's scheme perfectly.
                          On the other hand, none of the 2nd round QBs seem to me to show more than a 50% chance of developing even into a solid starter, nor do they even have the massive upside worth taking a gamble on. Woodson has huge upside, but will be a first rounder. Only Brohm seems almost perfect. QBs fail in the NFL because of the mental side of the game. Brohm has that nailed, especially in Petrino's scheme. The only note of caution is his injury history, but that is a risk with every player.

                          Woodson has massive potential, but has yet to prove his mental acuity. Therefore I would much rather have Brohm over Woodson.

                          IN CONCLUSION: I want:

                          1: QB Brian Brohm (or Woodson if we end up doing too well this year)
                          2a: LT Barry Richardson (or Tony Hills)
                          2b: RB Jon Stewart (may fall if runs a slowish 40)
                          3: DT Red Bryant (big DTs always seem to fall a little - eg. Branch and Tank last year)
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                            Also, refer back to the number of starts Brohm has had. 34. There was a recent statistic, and ill try to find it, but starters with 35 or more starts do ALOT better then the QBs with less.

                            "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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                              I think Brian Brohm and Barry Richardson would be a solid draft for us,espcially if we dont have to trade any of our draft picks.Once we get most of the right ppl in posistion for our new offense I think we will be fine but with that said We really need to focuse on getting BIGGER OL and better pass protection next season,That has to be our main focuse next year.



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