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Falcons vs Jaguars (Game 2) Thread

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  • Falcons vs Jaguars (Game 2) Thread

    Well another game. I'm not too optimistic about this one, Jacksonville has a talented team that underachieved last week so that's usually a bad thing. I am not afraid of David Garrard and those receivers, so the team should focus on stopping MJD and Fred Taylor. I think the Falcons' defense, minus the rookie mistakes, is pretty solid.

    What will really be ugly is our offense versus that defense. No red-zone trips last week and I have my doubts that they will be able to move the ball on Jacksonville.

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    Mathis is a tough matchup for our it's rough. I know they can control us up the middle...but I think that Robinson and Roddy cause matchup problems against their other corners. But that's about the only advantage we have. I think outside runs we should be able to use, but we can't pound those 2 big boys up the middle.

    As far as their offense...I know they aren't going to be flying past our corners because of blazing speed, but their size is very impressive. Their running game is NASTY...MJD is a guy most of us were big fans of for ATL to pickup, now we have to face's going to take some really sure tackling this weekend for us to have a shot at the win, I'm not worried about their backs torching our D, we have tons of speed to spare, but those 5-6 yard runs up the middle that just gash our D have to be stopped. We have to do a better job of keep guards and the center off of Brooking in the middle. So we can change them from 5-6 to 2-3 and that way we can win.


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      All I really want from this team is to beat Carolina in week 3. I don't expect them to win this game, of course I would be glad to be surprised but I'm not counting on it.


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        Yeah. Its pretty much a lost cause. This is gonna be one depressing season.

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          Originally posted by d34ng3l021 View Post
          Yeah. Its pretty much a lost cause. This is gonna be one depressing season.

          Nice avatar Shiver.
          Usually I wait until the Falcons are eliminated before I get interested in the draft. Now that's really all I have to look forward; especially considering that Atlanta will have at least the fifth pick in the draft.


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            It makes me really sad that everyone is jumping ship already. I'm not going to spend much time around here anymore if everyone's going to be negative and I get infractions for being positive and being frustrated that fans are falling off the bandwagon left and right. Ya, we're in bad shape, but this team isn't as bad as people are making it out to be. Th Bounces didn't go our way...oh well...if they had we'd have won. Now...this week, I look forward to seeing more Norwood and Robinson. Those are our 2 playmakers on offense. Defensively I hope that we can get ahead and force them to pass more than 3 yard slants so we can use our impressive DL rush. I'm hoping to see Abe and Anderson meet at the QB a couple times, but with their running game, I don't see it happening too much, however with them trying to use the mobile QB more than Minny did, I'm hoping he'll run into some trouble from our ends if we can get them up field. But I guess it's just wait and see now...but I'm going to re-main positive. I love the draft, and I'm watching for targets now, but it's not because our season is over.


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              Don't get me wrong, I'm still rooting for the team to have success. the fact of the matter is the team is not capable to succeed in the here and now. Our QB is a proven failure as an NFL starter, the team is transitioning to new schemes, relying on rookie and other young players to play a lot of snaps. Rebuilding periods happen in the NFL and right now the team is in a state of flux as Petrino removes Jim Mora's players and adds in his own. Rich McKay and the team did a wonderful job this past April to add a lot of players that will work under Petrino; unfortunately a lot more work has to be done.

              Had the QB situation not been so horrible the team probably could have stayed in the 'mediocre' category as it has been the past two years until the pieces were assembled, unfortunately that wasn't meant to be. I have no problem being a realist, and the realist inside me tells me the team would be lucky to win five games this year. Oh how I wish you were right and I was wrong!
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                As for the game I think Petrino needs to utilize Jerious Norwood more. He really isn't cut out to be a traditional feature back, but what prevents them from using him like Reggie Bush? Split him out, get him the ball in a multitude of situations and create match-up problems.


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                  That's what I'm calling for. I bet in this game he's worth a fantasy start, I'm saying he'll get 10-12 carries and 2-5 receptions. If Norwood touches the ball that much, that's going to be quite a bit of offense for us. I'd say he's good for atleast 1 TD every 10-12 touches.

                  He's a huge homerun threat and I can't wait to see what we do with him this week. I'm starting him over Larry Johnson because that darned Bears Defense and Herm Edwards limiting Larry's carries. Here's to hoping I can hit the lottery lol.


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                    I'm not overly optimistic about this weekend's matchup, but there are a couple of positives for us to take.

                    1. Our Defense actually played quite well last week, and held up reasonably well against the run. Minnesota have one of the best run-blocking O-lines in the league, and Peterson is a stud. JAX has a good o-line too, and two good backs, but I am optimistic that they are unlikely to run all over us. That will force Garrard to pass, and he is far from proven. If Garrard has over 25 attempts, we're in with a good chance.

                    2. Our offense struggled against the Vikings purely because of their immense D-line. Not just the Williams twins, who totally stuffed the run, but also their first round DE, Udeze, who is finally injury free. The Vikings could easily claim to have a top-5 Dline. The Jags also have a good D-line, when HEALTHY!! At the moment, they're not even close, and that's a big reason why they got gashed by the Titans. They're still not close to healthy, so it's possible that Petrino will be able to exploit that too. Henderson, Stroud and Heyward are their big three on the Dline, and all three have injuries. Heyward is coming off a major achilles injury, and we know how that affected Hartwell. Stroud has had ankle surgery, which is huge for a DT's mobility, and Henderson has a thigh injury. They're still good players, even at less than 100%, but they're not quite as dominant as the Viking line.

                    If we can run the ball even averagely, that will consequently improve pass protection, and we'll get a proper look at whether Petrino and Harrington can move the ball through the air on what is a solid, but far from outstanding secondary. Mathis will shutdown one guy, but I like the matchups on their other corners, and so will Petrino, I'm sure.

                    It'll be a tough game, and we are rightly underdogs, but I think that we have a better chance here than we did against the Vikings. We're not a good team, but we're not that bad either.
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                      We just can't afford to lose the field position battle like we did last week, we never really got the field flipped, we almost did but the Vikings punter was on point all day...even when punts landed inside the ten the bounced directly out of bounds so it really hurt us. I don't see that happening again this week. We couldn't catch a break last week and on the road it tends to go that way, but we just have to man up and force some things our way. That's where the power OL is going to help us out...once it's in play. Right now it's just simply not there yet. I want to see Blalock be more explosive at the point of attack blowing back a DT once or twice instead of just holding them up or getting pushed backwards. I think right now the game is too mental for him. The switch from RT to LG isn't HUGE but it's just different because the strong side blocking. Before his Right foot was the back foot most of the time to create the pocket, the left foot now is going to get a lot of the back play so it's going to be a little different. Another problem is right now its like he's playing to mental, not physical enough. A person as smart as Justin is will have that problem. He will over analyze right now, until he gets comfortable...which he will, hopefully a less than 100% jags DT pair will allow him to dominate a little more.


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                        Their secondrary doesn't impress me too much, but they have playmaking ability with Reggie Nelson and Rashean Mathis. Their front 7 isn't too bad either, especially inside.

                        On offense their receivers underacieve, and their QB situation is only average at best. Maurice Jones Drew is a legitimate beast.

                        For us, I'm not sure we match up so well. I think we can have a high completion percentage again, but I am worried about big plays for their defense and our offense. I'm not sure Harrington can push the ball downfield, although we have some guys who can get deep. And he still makes mental errors, freak plays or not. Rashean Mathis and Reggie Nelson can exploit that. Hopefully Petrino uses their average (with Nelson being a rookie and a new starter at SS) safety situation to our advantage.

                        Running the ball I don't expect too much, but I wouldn't doubt Norwood breaking a long one. I would also like to see 12-16 carries for Norwood, however unlikely it is.
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                          I got REALLY mad last night...I was dreaming and all of a sudden I was watching the Falcons play, Joey sold a pump fake, the corner bit, Roddy was WIDE open down the sideline, and Joey overthrew him really bad =/ I'm hoping I didn't look into the future...


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                            I think this game will decide our faith this year.If Joey can bounce back and have a solid game on sunday we might be okay for this year but if he put up another lackluster performance we should be getting ready to draft Andre Woodson.


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                              why did we cut cundiff!!!!



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