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Falcons vs Jaguars (Game 2) Thread

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    I didn't know that Wayne Gandy went down with a hamstring injury in the first quarter and the Falcons had a rookie left tackle come in to replace him. That explains some of the many sacks yesterday?
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      no.. the rookie actually played well except for a dumb penalty. harrington just needs way too much time in the pocket.


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        He gave up 1, and it was a combo between him and Blalock not having played together enough to know how they were going to handle the stunt. So, I'm fine with him being in there, he's about equal to Gandy, except he can learn and get a little bit better.

        Most of their sacks were on the blitz which leaves Joey at fault for not finding someone open when 6 men were blitzing. There had to be a hole somewhere. I'm not happy with this...he manages it fine, he's not a playmaker though. There were MANY times when i wanted him to check to Norwood because he was wide open on the left side, and could have broken at least 2 for TDs no lie. There was 1 when there wasn't even a single DB over there, one where there was just a LB and we all know he's going to beat any LB in the league.



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