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    Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds View Post
    To add into what Shiver said, again that is still on the QB. I'm not saying our line is great or anything, but it's very tough for a offensive lineman when your QB is moving around in the pocket. The defender can see where the quaterback is going, and make a move the lineman isn't expecting to get by him and to the QB. And of course the OL really has no idea where the QB is.

    Yeah definetly. But in my opinion, theres alot of blame that goes to our OL.

    "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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      I don't think anyone should escape blame. Both the O-Line and the QB position need to be addressed.


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        it alls go down to who the falcons FO values and think is more imperative for the offense. personally i think the OLine is ridiculously underrated. the trenches are what makes or breaks an offense. we can draft the best qb with a quick release but after getting nfl sacks, he's gonna be nothing. the run game is heavily dependent on the o-line too so i think, for the good of the offense, make an unsexy pick and go with a long or baker even if that means passing on a sexy mcfadden and/or woodson.


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          It depends where the team picks as well. There is a lot more pressure to take a franchise QB with the first pick than say the fourth pick.


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            For sure...there will be a TON of pressure on us to take Brian Brohm if he's on the board.


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              Yeah. We need a QB. Harrington sucks.

              "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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                If we do end up with a top 3 pick. Do you guys think Sam Baker is worth taking over Woodson,McFadden,or Dorsey?.The knock on Sam Baker is that he really dont have a mean streak and he is weak in the running game.Im all for drafting a LT next year but I really dont think its a big drop off with Sam Baker and Barry Richardson.


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                  We wont pass over Woodson. I highly doubt it. Especially at top3. I dont think Baker is a good enough talent to be taken top3.

                  "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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                    Looking at that very depressing montage, I'd place blame thus:

                    1: Harrington holding on too long... possibly no open receivers, but in that case should have thrown it away.

                    2. All out blitz right side. Was obvious, but O-line didn't shift to pick everyone up. Fault in recognition, partly on O-line as a whole, partly on Harrington for not seeing obvious blitz and getting ready for hot route.

                    3. Blalock got pushed way back into the pocket, flushed out Harrington. Still should have got rid off the ball after escaping pocket. Also had White wide open on the slant immediately, looked at him but just didn't throw the ball. Sack due to rookie mistake and poor QB play.

                    4. Basically a coverage sack, no one was open, but Harrington had time to throw it away. Sack eventually due to Blalock being beaten by a Stroud stunt. Again, rookie mistake and slightly poor QB play.

                    5. Again, overload blitz on right side. Mughelli went out on a little dump route, but Harrington couldn't get back to him. Weiner was beaten on the outside, after being a little late to get to his man. Clearly recognition problems again, on both O-line and Harrington.

                    6. 3rd and long, behind in the game, everyone on the blitz. No one's fault really - I'd call it a situational sack. Maybe Harrington should have got it away, but he didn't have much time.

                    7. Same as the 6th sack, though this time McClure just missed the linebacker coming through.

                    So, conclusions.

                    The only time an O-lineman was flat out beat was Blalock, twice, and that's just down to rookie mistakes, it's going to happen. He's already the start of the rebuilding project.

                    Foster had a very good game, I thought. He was semi-beaten late in the game, on that hold, but he actually had forced the guy far enough around. It was the kind of hold which you'll get away with more often than not... overall, I was impressed, and he got good push in the run game.

                    As for the right side of our O-line, they were really tested when JAX repeatedly sent two linebackers over their side. They struggled a little on recognition, but didn't really get beaten individually. There's a not a lot you can do when you have each have two guys to block.

                    On the blitzes, I have to put the blame on Harrington or McClure. McClure because I think he's the guy assigned to make protection calls, but mostly on Harrington, because it was SO obvious that the blitz was coming, and he did nothing about it, just sat there and took sack. At least once, the easy slant to Roddy was wide open.

                    As Petrino hinted, Harrington just looked scared. As I said at the start of the season, Harrington has the tools, but developed the mentality of a loser while in Detroit. I had hoped that a new start might help him. Apparently not.

                    The sooner we can get Leftwich up to speed, the better. Leftwich has some flaws in footwork and delivery, but he has never been accused of having a loser's mentality. He'll get the ball out on the blitz. This is almost certainly a lost year, but our draft strategy might change if Leftwich shows some promise...
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                      So, looking at improving the O-line this year.

                      Our right side is set, that's a fact. They're not great, but they're not bad. They'll be better in the run game once they've had a full year to adjust, and they've generally been individually solid in pass protection. A few recognition problems, but that should also get better as they adjust to the scheme.

                      McClure is undersized, no doubt, so that's a potential area of upgrade if the value is there, but he is generally well thought of, so I'd expect that he'll be with us a couple of years longer, especially given the contract extension.

                      Blalock has stuggled early, no doubt, or at least been inconsistent. But he's our long-term future at LG, so we just have to accept that his rookie year might be tough. That said, he won't face a tougher DT pairing than MIN and JAX.

                      Now, LT is where it gets interesting. Gandy is done, simple. He wasn't actually that bad in the first game, but he's certainly done after this year. Now, Foster played rather well on Sunday. I actually hope that Gandy misses a significant chunk of time this year, and we get to see Foster start for most ot the year. That would help to give us a read on whether he has serious starting potential. Remember, Foster was dominant at college, but suffered a couple of serious injuries which destroyed his draft stock. I'm not ready to anoint Foster just yet, don't get me wrong, but I'm keen to see how he does over the rest of the season.

                      However, even if he plays very well, I'd be keen to draft a guy like Richardson/Cherilus in the 2nd, who could arguably play either LT or RT. Then we can let the rookie compete with Foster to start at LT, and whoever loses is groomed to fill in for Weiner, probably in 2010.

                      Then we'd have a reasonably veteran line to protect our new QB, after a year or two of holding the clipboard.
                      TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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                        1. Andre Woodson QB- He has all the tools in the world and played in an ok o-line, he knowns when to release the ball.

                        2a. Barry Richardson LT- He reminds alot like McNeil and this is the first stage of building the o-line.

                        2b. Tony Hills RT- Samething I said about Richardson, the first stage of building the line.

                        3. Yvenson Bernard RB- Once you get your QB, LT, and RT of the future its time to get your future running back, I know Jerious Norwood the future but until Andre Woodson grows as an NFL QB it would be nice to have a 2 back system for him.

                        I think that would be a nice first day draft for you guys. You guys get your future with Richardson, Hills, Blalock, and Forney.


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                          We don't need a RT too bad in comparison to NT, SS, MLB, and maybe WR.
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                            I like that draft...but I'd love to have MLB / NT...


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                              Quite right. If Harrington continues to play well, we can afford to draft a developmental QB, and get the guy who will make our defense dominant for years.

                              There's nothing I hate more than watching other teams run on us in the second half. It's been a problem for three years. After this draft, it will stop.

                              1: Glenn Dorsey DT (strong and quick enough to play either spot)
                              2a: Barry Richardson LT
                              2b: Josh Barrett SS (thumping safety)
                              3: Dennis Dixon QB (this guy is starting to show up, has the mobility to fully exploit Petrino's scheme, has a great arm, and will have a couple of years of the best QB tutelage money can buy)
                              4: Ben Moffitt MLB (Nicholas' old partner from USF, and quality)
                              TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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                                I really like your draft D-Rod. I have Dorsey as one of my "sure picks" along with McFadden,Phillips and Woodson but why draft another SS while we have Darrin Stone?



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