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    i really dont understand this obsession with darren stone. sure he has great numbers, can jump over cars, can tackle hard in preseason games but will that translate similarly in important games? i really havent seen enough of him to declare him our ss for the future.


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      I don't see a SS that early.

      Stone could be groomed, but Jimmy looks to be our SS of the future. He looks as lost as Gilligan in coverage, but plays very well close to the line. If Crockers improvement holds then move Jimmy over to SS.


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        Originally posted by BamaFalcon59 View Post
        We don't need a RT too bad in comparison to NT, SS, MLB, and maybe WR.
        no WR isn't a need. especially after the past 2 weeks showing us what Jenkins and White are made of.

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          Not to mention Robinson. And Horn - though I do wonder when he's going to start getting antsy about not getting the ball. Hopefully he's happy to play mentor and pocket his hefty cheque.

          I can't see us drafting a WR unless there's ridiculous value available at some point.
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            That's the only way we'll go WR now I think. These guys have been coached up to their ability and it's making a HUGE difference.



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