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W5 Thread: Falcons vs Titans

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    I see Abe hasn't done anything today, but that isn't always the full story. How's he faired today?


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      michael roos and stewart have consistently shut him down. their o-lines been dominant and their d-lines been dominant.

      our offense sucks on the road.


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        Ya'll should win this game, this game has sucked for both teams and now ya'll have the ball at the one.....

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          ..but we lost.


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            That was terrible, but we won and i still don't know how.....

            Jay Cutler>Matt Leinart>>>>danman253
            XBL GT smitty js Go Vandy!!!!!!
            Chris Johnson son!!!!!!!!


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              How do you mess up 1st and goal on the 1?

              Just wow.

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                wow Petrino benched Harrington. How you get 31 passes and only get 87 yards is beyond me.
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                  That had to be one of the ugliest games ever


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                    Wow. 5 turnovers forced and a loss. And now we have some real fun to come with the QB position...

                    On the upside, the D played brilliantly. But the O-line was totally outclassed by the Titans front 7.
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                      harrington is pure class at home but under pressure on the road just kills him. it still didnt deserved getting benched to leftwich though. bad decision on petrinos part imo, unless there was a minor injury. i really think with harrington, we wouldve squeaked outta nashville with the win. kudos to the defense and special teams, especially boley and norwood, who showed up to play in contrast to the offense.


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                        I've yet to watch a Falcons game this year, but how much of the running games problems are Warrick Dunn's fault?
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                          Yeah, i doubt Harrington (of the first quarter) would of over thrown and missed the corner to Robinson, however he was that flustered proir to being taken out that i dont think he would of had the guts to throw it long. He was taken out cause he was hit ALL DAY LONG and started missing 5 yard passes.

                          Harrington's weak throw across his body cost us a TD earlier to Roddy, if he leads him there we score. He didnt have to throw it across his body, for once (on the boot) he had no pressure, he should of straighted his body up first then thrown. If white doesnt have to come back at the ball he scores.

                          While that was the only unforced mistake i saw from Harrington it was still completed pass. Im not ready to say the QB is to blame for this game and havent changed focus from last week when Harrington played well. Peyton Manning wouldnt of done any better today, the pressure was everywhere. We need a LT come draft day and for Petrino to have a close look at tapes of Michael Bush to see if the way his scheme opened lanes for him even translate to the NFL. Im really starting to question the translation to NFL success of Petrinos blocking scheme. All i can look at is the proof, we have guys who fit every criteria in terms of eligability for them to adopt it and it isnt working.

                          1. We have a rookie BUILT for a scheme like ours who is struggling big time week in week out.

                          2. We have vet's who should have seen every scheme under the sun and have had months of adopt this scheme, by week 5 it should well and truly be 2nd nature. These guys arent idiots, it scares me to think that it is 2nd nature now and the guys are doing everything right, (at least everything Louisville did to open lanes for Bush) the stuff just isnt translating to this level

                          3. We have Renardo Forster who played in it last year, he doesnt look any better
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                            Good game guys. I thought Atlanta would be tougher than expected, but I didn't expect 5 turnovers and Vince playing the worst game I've ever witnessed. The Titans won my matchups that I listed earlier. Once again, Boley impressed me greatly. He didn't get fooled by Young's scrambling, and persued him when he got after the pocket and did not hesitate when Young pumped the ball. He may be the best all around LB from that draft. You guys have a great, young OLB.

                            Good luck to you guys the rest of the year.
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