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W6 (MNF) Giants vs. Falcons

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    Is Harrington still your qb for MNF against us?


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      Yes he is, but apparently he is on a tight leash.


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        Originally posted by Shiver View Post
        What I learned last week:
        • Michael Boley is a stud, period. I absolutely love having him.
        • Jamaal Anderson did very well, he just needs to notch a sack here or there.
        • The defense has the potential to play very well on any given week.
        • For some reason the offense and defense are unable to play well at the same time.
        • Joey Harrington is way too inconsistent. Hopefully for this game he's a home/road guy.
        • Byron Leftwich looked awful and there is no way he should have been in the game.
        • Atlanta needs a RB in the worst way. Warrick Dunn is looking his age and Norwood hasn't progressed like I would have wanted.
        I am terrified this next week because Osi Umenyiora gets to terrorize Renaldo Forster. This could get ugly. He may get double digit sacks for the season in six games!
        I'd add to that: Trey Lewis is already very solid against the run, and will get better as he matures.

        It could get ugly on Monday Night, but there is a silver lining to Gandy's injury. We knew that Gandy was done at the end of the year. This way, we'll get to see what Foster's got over the course of a year. We could get lucky, and find that we have a diamond in the rough.

        However, that's about a 100/1 shot right now, so my list of priorities is:

        1. QB

        There's no future in having a QB who can't deal with pressure. Even the best O-lines get beat every so often, and Harrington has shown consistently that he collapses at the first sign of pressure (both physical and mental). Yes, we need an LT, but I'd rather have our pick of the QBs in the 1st and then look to move around a little with our 2nd rounders to get the OT we want.

        2. LT

        3. DT (even with the emergence of Trey, we need another guy)

        4. RB

        5. MLB
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          If Trey Lewis keeps it up then that moves DT under RB for me. I think that Petrino's offense needs a RB who can run between the tackles to succeed. Jerious Norwood is clearly not a feature back and Warrick Dunn is terrible right now and likely won't be resigned.


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            My list is...

            1.) LT
            2.) RB
            3.) QB
            4.) NT
            5.) MLB

            My view of available talent in the draft.

            1.) QB
            2.) RB
            3.) MLB
            4.) LT
            5.) NT

            It may be a little different than that, I'm assuming that at MLB Rey is coming out and there just aren't many BIG time the crop isn't too deep. QB is SUPER deep...RB is getting deeper if the Juniors declare, which it's highly likely they will.

            Ideally we'd be able to pry Michael Turner away from SD in Free Agency so we could have our free range of players to choose from. It's kinda annoying having SO many needs, but it's nice to have that many options. Trey Lewis is a STUD...him and Babs are going to hold it down, but we need that big body hold the point of attack guy like Grady is, but we're going to lose him soon. If we can't land Turner though, I think we have to select McFadden if he's an option for us.


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              There are no MLB worthy of a high draft pick. Rey is good, but he is no AJ Hawk/Patrick Willis.


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                You keep your hands off of McFadden.
                The whole world loves neophyte athletic tight end Jimmy Graham from Miami with the 95th pick. "Best pick in the draft,'' one AFC coach told me. "Give him time, and in that offense, he'll be better than [Jeremy] Shockey by the start of next year.''

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                  Originally posted by Flyboy View Post
                  You keep your hands off of McFadden.

                  I refuse!



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                    Originally posted by Shiver View Post
                    There are no MLB worthy of a high draft pick. Rey is good, but he is no AJ Hawk/Patrick Willis.
                    He doesnt have the awareness or smarts of those guys. But physically he is on par, better size but not as fast, i read somewhere he runs a 4.55 at 270lbs. Being that heavy and hitting that hard should be fun to watch.

                    Falcons set to re-coup 20 mil in bonus money from Vick! That will count against the cap. WOW
                    Im not farmiliar with the cap really but an overpriced F/A say for eg Nate Clements, how much roughly does he count against S/F cap?
                    Now if we let Dunn go that another 5million.

                    We can do alot with that money.
                    1. Resign D Hall, i couldnt give a damn what people think of him, the man is a year younger than Giants rookie Aaron Ross AND has been in the league 4 years already. This year he is playing like we all know he can. Pay the man.

                    2 F/A targets that fit, (guys who are F/A on Footballs Future)
                    a) Karlos Dansby.
                    b) Max Starks.
                    c) Michael Turner.

                    Would i be correct in saying that concievably, with 25 mill in cleared space, and after resigning Hall that we could go over more than 1 of these guys?
                    Dansby, Turner and then Matt Ryan (1st) Okam (2nd) Richardson (2nd). Many of our needs would be filled by round 2. Then grab a Kicker and a RT. We be looking hot. *wakes up*
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                      That 20$ will be a big help next off-season as Petrino continues to remake the roster as he sees fit. Expect a lot of new faces. Especially as old school players like Warrick Dunn, Lawyer Milloy are on their way out.


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                        Even though its a good chance we will get the majority of the money back I heard it still may take a long time before this situation is settle but hopefully everything is settle before the beggining of F/A next year.

                        Warrick Dunn=cut
                        Wanye Gandy=cut

                        Karlos Dansby= Arizona will re-sign him at the end of the year
                        Micheal Turner= I would love to have him on our team but if he is to expensive I would rather look someone else I say somewhere around 5-6M is okay for him.


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                          Originally posted by Shiver View Post
                          Blalock is learning a new position, I will expect improvement soon though.
                          yeah not to mention he has gone up against some damn good competition:
                          week 1 - Kevin & Pat Williams
                          week 2 - Henderson & Stroud
                          week 3 - Kris Jenkins
                          week 4 - Amobi Okoye
                          week 5 - Albert Haynesworth
                          that's a big group of solid DT's he lined up against. give him some time. the curve isn't being helped by the good players he is facing.

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                            Are you guys missing both your starting offensive tackles for this game?


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                              Yes, our offense will be a disaster.


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                                Originally posted by Shiver View Post
                                Yes, our offense will be a disaster.
                                Once I read Weiner was out I made a bet on the Giants -3.



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