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FINALLY some good news...

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  • FINALLY some good news...

    20 million bucks worth of good news.

    It was decided that Vick has to refund $20 mill worth of bonus. It will be appealed, and may be over-turned, but for now it looks like we'll at least recover financially from the Vick debacle.

    How can we spend it?

    Well, first of all it means that we can afford a top 5 pick. Would I rather win some games? Yes. But it's not really looking that way at the moment, so at least getting a pick that high will not totally destroy our cap space.

    The first priority, in my mind, should be in tying up long-term what young talent we have.

    1. Boley - he must retire a falcon
    2. Hall - if we can get him and Petrino to make up
    3. Babineaux - depending on the court case; he's a talented guy, and will only get better.
    4. White and Jenkins - they're both showing up now, hopefully we can get our WR corps locked up without spending too much.

    I would try to massively front load all of those deals, especially Boley and Hall. Next season isn't going to be fully competitive anyway, and frontloading the deals gives us more flexibility in the future.

    That actually wouldn't leave a huge amount left. However, there would be room for one big FA signing, and a couple of mid-range guys.

    Right now, the most appealing FA is Haynesworth. However, there's a big warning sign. It's no coincidence that he's doubled the intensity of his play this year. There's a definitely danger, especially with the big guys, that the intensity drops once the massive contract is earned. Ask the Panthers about Kemo (admittedly not on the same level as Albert).

    Another guy is Dansby. Major concern is the medical problem he had. Not sure how that has cleared up. If healthy, he's a stud; but would we want to invest big money in a guy with a red flag?

    Another guy is Turner. Obviously he'd fit the mould; but do we really want to splash out on a middle-aged RB?

    Really, we want some O-line help. Frankly, I don't think that Forney is that good in a power scheme. The ideal scenario would be a swap with some team transitioning to a ZBS, so they get Forney and we get their mauler.

    If we just get rid of Forney, Faneca could be an option. He's ben a stud for years, and while he's getting on a bit, should still have a good three or four years at the top. He would certainly help the transition...

    Anyway, add your thoughts. I should get back to work.
    TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"

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    This is awesome. We must, must lock up Boley, Hall, and probaly even White. I agree with you on the rest, but those guys need to be Falcons.


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      Turner will bust with us. I dont wanna spend so much on a FA RB.

      "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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        I dont recall Kemo actually elevating his play his contract year. He's always been mediocre, the FO just thought he was worth a huge contract because he's fat


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          Michael Vick being an idiot hurt the team's chances at a successful '07 season; however, it was really the best way to get a lot of the money back from him that Blank and McKay should never have given him in the first place. Now the team has the money and the draft picks capable of really making impact additions to the roster.


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            I think Atlanta is going to be a BIG time player in FA now if we can get that maximum back....look out. Boley and Hall will be locked up long term no matter what, but this extra money now...looking like it will be fun to spend. I'd like to spend it on the keys to controlling the line of scrimmage.


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              i think jenkins can be expendable. robinson is looking to be a stud if given teh time and a good qb to work with. i strongly agree with resigning boley, hall and white. white has been lights out considering we have two awful qbs.


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                Jenkins is such a nice mismatch...if we can sign him reasonably (which he can't demand much) he should be brought back.


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                  I don't think Hall will sign with us if BP is still here.

                  I see him signing at a discount in Seattle.

                  Isn't Jenkins a RFA?? If so we get him another year on the cheap. I see a nucleus of Roddy, Robinson, and Jenkins as our WRs. Horn won't be here long and we can find the likes of Jennings easy enough.

                  Boley needs to be signed to that frontloaded contract. I could see an $8 mil roster bonus if we get the Vick money.


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                    I think the Hall/Petrino "feud" is probably media created drivel. I don't put too much stock into it.


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                      i really hope so. losing a offensive and then a defensive icon in two consecutive seasons will kill my morale for this team. d hall has done a great job and his feud with the coach needs to be worked out, its not worth losing him.



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