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    Did anyone see yesterday when Lewis Sanders was tackling Reggie Bush, how Brooking came in and KNOCKED SANDERS OFF OF BUSH, allowing Bush to score? He pulled Sander's arm off and everything! If you didn't, watch the replay. Brooking's done. I'm tired of people saying he's a Pro Bowler, he gets knocked 10 yards back on blocks, overrun plays, and is virtually unseen half the game! Something needs to be done about him, seriously

    Added Rant:If Byron Leftwich didnt have bad luck he'd have no luck. I wish him the best, but he just can't go thru a season uninjured. I think this season is proof that McKay sucks as a GM. Hopefully Blank will see that.

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    This is crazy! First i was gonna and had already drafted a "DMH's Offseason plan" then second i was at work planning to come home and write up a thread about Keith Brooking's transformation into our worst defensive starter.

    3 terribile moments in 4 weeks, and each moment is more and more of an example of poor play.

    #3 Keith Brooking moment - gets burned by Deshawn for a TD V the Panthers

    #2 Keith Brooking moment - gets absolutely dominated on a Rouben Droughns TD run V the Giants infront of the whole world. "Jdcdam1" i suggest you watch that, he justs gets abliterated, he flies though the air and looks like he is KO'ed on impact

    #1 Keith Brooking moment - ah yes, the "oops you're on my team" tackle! I mean dude, your a 10 year vet, keep you head up, look at who your tackling!

    What will he do next week?

    p.s i love Rey Maualaga although alot of people don't. He is soo fun to watch, i really wish we could draft him without jeopardising other needs. 270lbs of pure aggression at MLB, he hates anyone on the other team. He = animal
    Page 49, Atlanta Falcons Gameday Thread- Best...Page...Ever


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      Yes I 100% agree with you on all of that! That's actually one of our biggest needs...a big-time hitter in the middle, someone who can get off blocks and discourage teams from doubling grady jackson, someone who TACKLES WITH THEIR EYES OPEN, someone who doesn't always get pancaked blocked and only makes tackles 10 yards down the field. I know we need linemen and other things, but we should keep a good draft pick open for a hitter.


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        We love Keith...but he has to go for our defense to become ELITE. We're REALLY close...with a lock down MLB and Jimmy starting at Safety then who knows who at Strong (Crocker / Stone / draft / FA) we could be nasty. I'd love to pickup Rey...I'm not a USC fan, but that kid is crazy good, and he'd be behind a serious DL so he'd still be able to roam freely and just plug holes with Boley and Nicholas / Williams flying around. We'd have to trade down in the first though, and maybe we'd be able to land him and a LT / QB / RB with our other first...hopefully Dallas comes knocking hoping to pickup, McFadden...that'd be stellar.


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          Hall in the 2nd.

          "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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            Normally I would be all about improving upon him; however, this team has far more pressing issues than Keith Brooking. QB, LT, RB, DT, are all ahead of MLB in terms of need. I would love to add a MLB of the future in the third round though.


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              Pray that Rey stays another year, pick up McFadden/Glenn Dorsey, Tony Hills/2nd round OT, and Jon Stewart or a big DT.



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