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Falcons Lose LT Renardo Foster For Season

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  • Falcons Lose LT Renardo Foster For Season

    This hurts even more. I don't know what else to say.

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    This is a disaster. The offense finally had something and both Forster and Leftwich get hurt. The Falcons are cursed: Michael Vick situation, Rod Coleman getting hurt in fluke boating incident, injuries at positions where depth was already a problem. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Oh well, at least Atlanta will have at least the third pick in the draft.


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      Three starting tackles suffering season-ending injuries before Week 8 is beyond horrible. I can't imagine the probability of such an occurrence.
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        I think 1-15 may be a legitimate possibility. The team wasn't that good before hand and definitely needed a rebuilding year, but the fluke bad breaks are unbelievable. I have never seen a team have such a bad case of terrible luck.


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          Honestly, I really think the Dolphins could go winless. I thought it before Ronnie Brown went down to injury. Their best chances off the top of my head are probably Buffalo and the Jets, and quite frankly, both teams have better offenses and defenses right now. I've thought for some time that the Bills, despite all their injuries and my personal bias, were still the second-best team in the AFC East, and it's looking like it right now.

          The Dolphins are hitting rock-bottom and will be rebuilt up, it's tough but that's sort of what happens when you don't build up from the Draft properly. Or as one graphic in the Dolphins thread indicated, not build from the Draft at all as they don't have any starters remaining from a 4 or 5-year period. That's crazy.

          The Falcons have a better defense than the Rams, and maybe even a better offensive line at the current moment. It's not looking good in St. Louis. But despite their miserable showing at Seattle recently, I still think they will put together some wins following their Week 10 bye. Steven Jackson might even come back this week, but I think the Browns can beat them.

          As for the Falcons, I think they will win a few more games. They have some division games left, and with a pretty good defense in tow, they have a chance to notch the win column some more. But it's really disappointing to me that Jerious Norwood isn't getting many many more touches than he is, I just can't understand it for the life of me. Especially when the team needs to run, it's a makeshift offensive line with a servicable quarterback, running the ball is their best bet (very much like Oakland). Plus, you can better find out what you have, with the decision between Darren McFadden and a quarterback prospect potentially looming.
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            I am pretty sure we can win another 2 games. All the games we have lost, except the Vikings game, have been within 7 points. Somehow we are always hanging on. Its just a matter of time that our offense and defense click at the same time.

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              I really liked Foster. 6'7" 340 pounds and was not looking bad.

              And Leftwich out 3-4 weeks. Wow.
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