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My rough draft of the Top 25 rankings for Atlanta

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  • My rough draft of the Top 25 rankings for Atlanta

    1. DT Glenn Dorsey - LSU
    2. LT Jake Long - Michigan
    3. RB Darren McFadden - Arkansas
    4. QB Matt Ryan - Boston College
    5. QB Brian Brohm - Louisville
    6. SS Kenny Phillips - Miami
    7. QB Andre Woodson - Kentucky
    8. OT Sam Baker - USC
    9. DE Calais Campbell - Miami
    10. ILB James Laurinitis - Ohio St.
    11. WR Desean Jackson - Cal
    12. DE Quentin Groves - Auburn
    13. DT Sedrick Ellis - USC
    14. CB Mike Jenkins - South Florida
    15. LT Michael Oher - Ole Miss.
    16. RT Gosder Cherilus - Boston College
    17. CB Antoine Cason - Arizona
    18. WR Limas Sweed - Texas
    19. RB Jonathan Stewart - Oregon
    20. QB Colt Brennan - Hawaii
    21. OLB Keith Rivers - OLB
    22. DT Frank Okam - Texas
    23. LT Barry Richardson - Clemson
    24. DE Tommy Blake - T.C.U.
    25. LT Tony Hills - Texas

    RB Tashard Choice - Georgia Tech
    RT Chris Williams - Vanderbilt

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    I think Kenny Phillips is the most overlooked guy on these boards right now. While Milloy has been solid SS is going to be a big need and in the 5-8 range Phillips might have the best value. Incredibly talented.
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      I don't like the Glenn Dorsey pick at all.

      1. The team needs a NT-type, rather than a 3-tech like Dorsey.
      2. I am not even enamored with Dorsey, I think Sedrick Ellis is better.
      3. The three positions the team needs are QB, RB, LT.


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        To think Ellis is better is foolish. He might be a better value by being picked somewhere along the top15, and Dorsey in the top5, but to say that Ellis is actually I dont agree.

        My top5 are alot different from your top5.

        1. Darren McFadden
        2. Brian Brohm
        3. Andre Woodson
        4. Jake Long
        5. Matt Ryan

        "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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          1.) McFadden...

          Not so sure anything else matters...but my top 5 would be different than you guys...

          I want a top MLB prospect...I think a guy like Vince Hall could be a great fit here.


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            My top 10, based on a combo of need and overall talent

            1. McFadden - the only truly elite player in the draft, even if only a secondary need. If we're going to have a poor season, it's best to get an elite talent out of it.

            2. Brohm - if you don't have a franchise QB, you have to take one; only a great last six games from Leftwich would obviate this need, and allow us to pick Dixon or Ainge etc. Brohm's my current favourite.
            3. Ryan - likewise
            4. Woodson - likewise

            5. Dorsey - I know he's naturally a UT, where we are stacked, but Coleman is the wrong side of 30, and Babs is only really a pass rusher. Dorsey could play UT on run downs, next to Lewis, then move to NT on pass downs. Anderson, Babs, Dorsey and Abe rushing the passer would be sick.

            6. Jake Long - he might be a very good LT; worst case scenario, he'll be a superb RT. If we got him, I'd move Weiner to LT (he can play both, in his own words) and start Long at RT for the first season. If he shows the feet to play LT, great, move him over for the second season (like Jammal Brown). If not, fine, we've got a great RT for a decade, and we can deal with LT next year.

            7. Kenny Phillips - Milloy should stick around for next year, solely for leadership while our team transitions. That said, Phillips is a guaranteed stud, and will be able to contribute gradually as he learns under Milloy. Polamalu, Sanders and Reed have shown the impact a stud S can have.


            8. Malcolm Jenkins - Only a need if Hall departs, but has the potential to be a real stud, and isn't the a-hole that Hall is.

            9. Ryan Clady - If he comes out, and puts up a good combine performance, he could just about work his way up to the top 10. It's arguable that he's the only guy who clearly has the athleticism to be a franchise LT; but he's not really had a great year, so I can't put him much higher.

            10a. Chris Long - Not a need at all, but the value is too good at this point. Abraham has not quite shaken off his man of glass tag, and is getting on a bit. Long would be a great two-way end, and he and Anderson would be an elite (and interchanging) pairing for a long time.
            10b. Calais Campbell - See above.

            (Note: I don't have Baker ranked, because he's just not big enough to fit the scheme. If he's there in the second, we might reconsider and get him on the 'roids (joke.ish.), but not with our first.)
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              Oh, and I don't fancy a top 10 overall MLB this year. We need Brooking's leadership for one more year to help the transition (like Milloy). So either we draft a MLB later (like Moffitt or Gooden), and give him a year to learn, or grab one of the elite guys next year, and plug him straight in.

              Incidentally, I think Laury and Mau will be in the 09 draft rather than this year.
              TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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                Jake Long got beat on the outside a couple of times today against Wisconsin.
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                  I was never sold on Long as a LT...EVER...he'll be a monster on the right side though...he can run block like crazy.


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                    Lucky FG for FSU Iloxy. Damn pick.
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