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Midway through the season.

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  • Midway through the season.

    Here we are, midway through the season. Sitting at the bottom of the division at 2-6.

    Here are some of our rankings

    Total Offense (yards): 27
    Passing: 20t
    Rushing: 20
    Total Offense (points): 30

    Total Defense (yards): 15
    Passing: 15
    Rushing: 23
    Sacks: 26t
    Interceptions: 10t
    Total Defense (scoring): 18

    With our season having a pretty terrible and unlucky start with our starting QB being sentenced to jail, starting OLB being injured, and starting DT being injured I think we have been decent, especially with what was being expected of us. We were pencilled in with the number 1 pick in the 2008 draft with everything going against us. Still though, we have been able to go through and be decent. Four of our six losses have come within 7 points. In each of these losses, we were either leading or were tied at halftime. Not so bad. We have been able to hang in there, despite having a new coach hired, learning a new offensive scheme, and having our star QB gone. Our future is looking bright.

    Midway team awards:

    Coach of the year:
    Mike Zimmer

    I feel as if Bobby Petrino has done a solid job, but it has been mostly our defense that has kept us in games. I really like the scheme that he has installed for our corners, allowing them to man up most of the time, which would be playing to their forte. Our rushing defense hasn't been up to par, but our personnel has not been that amazing to stop it either. This should be Brooking's last season starting, and Williams needs to learn how to not over pursue, though he has improved.

    DRotY: I cant really decide one.

    I havent been fairly impressed with our rookies/ their playing times. Though Jamaal Anderson has been starting every game, and has played quite a bit of snaps, he has alot of improving to do. He was a very raw coming out, and this was expected. Nicholas has been pretty good but has seen limited action. Maybe a few years down the line, he might be able to start. I like him alot. Trey Lewis also has been a very good addition, and hopefully can make his presence felt.

    Laurent Robinson

    I was pretty furious with this pick (and I kind of have a season to be still) because I felt as if he was a reach and that we should have picked a guy from my hometown in James Jones (we even scouted him and talked to him a bunch). I felt Laurent was just a product of the combine because of his draft stock and how much it rose after his 40. But now that I have seen more of him, I absolutely love him. I want to see him get more separation, but maybe I dont see that because of poorly thrown balls. The way he catches in traffic though is what I love. He makes tough catches look easy. I can see him stepping up and becoming our number 2.

    Justin Blalock

    He has performed as our best lineman this season. He had struggled early on, but who wouldnt when performing against the likes of Henderson and Stroud and the Williams brothers and a possessed Haynesworth. As a rookie he is also learning the the position of LG. He played very well against the Niners. As soon as he adjusts, I see him as a perennial Pro Bowler.

    Comeback Player of the Year:
    John Abraham

    We all know how dominant he is when he is healthy, but he wasnt too healthy during last year. He is now back and has been playing a majority of the games (has it been all of them?) and is our leading sack getter. He seems as if he is the only guy who is actually pressuring the QB. I am definetly hoping he can play the rest of the season like this. He isnt called the predator for nothing.

    DeAngelo Hall

    Though his off field antics, and his mouth may not show it, he has having a career year. While he is manning on up recievers he is blanketing them very well. The only game he didnt do that so much (man to man) was the Giants game, which was the game where he did not do so well. Otherwise, he has been playing lights out, and is still getting some interceptions. It is good to see his play finally back his talk, but I guess it doesnt matter because his talk just keeps growing and is becoming more of a punk this season in the eyes of fans.

    Roddy White

    Honestly, did you expect anyone else? He has been the ONLY bright spot on this offense and is on pace for a 72 catch 1160 yard season. Pretty damn impressive for a guy who has Harrington as his QB. His numbers might even increase when Leftwich comes back because Leftwich can deliver the deep ball which is Roddy's forte. Roddy White is gonna be a pretty good WR to come, I think. He can beat you deep, and has the speed and toughness to get YAC. I think the problems with his drops is going to stay and hurt him a bit though. I ant wait to see him hit his prime with a good QB.

    Michael Boley

    People might disagree with him at MVP, but he is such a stud. And I dont really see anyone else who stands out among the rest. He is everywhere making plays after plays and is always around the ball. Though he wont get the big hit, he will wrap up the ball carrier. He is also outstanding in coverage and uses his speed to great advantage. I love his instincts. I am just waiting til he becomes more popular so I can get his jersey for cheap on eBay.

    Random Thoughts

    Dunn is coming off a 100 yard game, I know. We need to get Norwood more into the offense. Despite being banged up during the game, Norwood still manged 40 yards on 6 carries. He still shows his gamebreaking speed and his toughness to take down a defender and gain some yards after contact. I guess he needs to work going in between the tackles though, something Dunn does very well. His pass blocking is still lacking as well. I guess I answered myself in this paragraph as to why he isnt getting more touches, but we need to use him like Bush. Bush cant pass block or run in between the tackles either, but he still makes a huge impact.

    Joe Horn is making his presence felt. I think a huge reason our WRs are performing alot better is because of Horn. He is really providing another coach for them and giving them the confidence they need.

    Alge Crumpler. What a punk. My respect for him has gone down ALOT this season.

    Chris Houston is still REALLY physical. As soon as he learns the rules, he is going to be a stud cover corner. He stays on his man like glue.

    Congrats Jimmy Williams on your first interception. You will be getting alot more.

    So I am done.

    "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan

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    Agree with just about all of these, but like others I'm still worried about Jamaal Anderson. I knew he would be a raw prospect coming out but I'd at least expect a sack out of him by now. Finally Dunn has a game to impress me, other then the San Fran game I hadn't seen anything out of him his we played the Giants last season.

    Houston is looking solid as you said, DeAngelo is shutdown, and Jimmy seems to be improving. If Daren Stone can improve and become the starter or we draft a decent safety we have a great secondary for the next 7-8 years. (that's if we can even keep Hall) I've also been really impressed with John Abraham this year, the one man pass rush is finally working to prove he was worth that 1st rounder.... too bad it's a year too late. Hopefully he can be successful for the next couple years and stay injury free. Good work by you.


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      I'm not worried about Jamaal at all.

      Coming into the league, we knew that he was extremely athletic, and had natural pass-rush ability. His downsides were lack of polish and the question of whether he could hold up against the run.

      Well, he's shown that he can hold up against the run just fine. His technique may take a while, but defensive ends often struggle in their rookie years. Also, the UT next to him has been extremely unsettled, so it's difficult to get a rhythm going.

      Anderson will be fine.

      Our rookies have generally been outstanding. Trey Lewis has been very solid, Nicholas has been good when playing, Blalock has improved massively, Houston has been more solid than most rookie corners, and Robinson could be a star. Also, Milner has been a pleasant surprise catching the ball. Even Irons has had an impact of ST.

      If our veterans could keep up with our rookies, we'd be great!
      TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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        I disagree about Milner...I think Ben Patrick was the better TE there...and by a LOT...we blew that one.


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          Ben Patrick is a pure pass-catching TE. And has been stuck on the AZ practice squad for most of the season.

          Milner is more of an all-round talent, and has been contributing solidly. So far, Milner has done nothing wrong. He's third out of all rookie TEs in receptions.
          TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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            Didn't the cards cut Ben Patrick then sign him back on the practice squad ? The biggest problem with Milner was his hands and he seems to be getting better with that.


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              We tried to sign Patrick off the Cards PS...which would have meant the end of one of our TEs...more than likely Milner would have been that guy, but when we tried to sign him they made him active.

              This just shows me that they know he was the wrong pick.

              Milner has dropped too many passes already, I've seen him drop a few and I haven't even gotten to watch very closely this year.


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                Originally posted by iloxygenil View Post
                We tried to sign Patrick off the Cards PS...which would have meant the end of one of our TEs...more than likely Milner would have been that guy, but when we tried to sign him they made him active.

                This just shows me that they know he was the wrong pick.

                Milner has dropped too many passes already, I've seen him drop a few and I haven't even gotten to watch very closely this year.
                Oh how many times I yelled "CATCH THE F'IN BALL MILNER" at the game or at the TV last season...



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