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    Originally posted by iloxygenil View Post
    I just doubt that Deangelo Goes anywhere...I think he's going to lock in to Atlanta for the long term and there aren't many defenses that are going to be better than ours over the next couple seasons, they're improving vastly this season, and the youngsters all over the defense are doing well, but they'll turn over that veteran leaf soon, and this defense will be one that is feared.

    If Jamaal Anderson ever decides to show up, we could have a very nice D.


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      Anderson's problem is the switch from college to pro. once he breaks through his rookie wall, he will get sacks in bunches... and with Anderson, Coleman and Abe all getting sacks, Houston and Hall lockign down, Boley and Williams/Nicholas playing well o nthe outside. if we can get Jimmy Williams to be a damn good FS, find a good SS/have Stone emerge, and find an eventual replacement for Brooking at MLB and the future for our NT spot, we will have a damn good D. right now, I wouldn't balk at the idea of getting Dorsey in the early 1st to be our NT, then getting Richardson and say Dixon in the 2nd tobe our OT and QB...

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