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A slightly different mock... no Brohm!

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  • A slightly different mock... no Brohm!

    Not because I don't still think that Brohm would be very good as a Falcon QB, but for the sake of something at least marginally different from the usual...

    1. Glenn Dorsey, LSU

    A real difference-maker on the D-line, which impacts both pass and rush D. He's an every-down lineman, and can play at either DT position. Our secondary was picked apart yesterday because we couldn't get any pressure on the QB, and that's been a problem all year. Dorsey will go a long way toward fixing that. Dorsey is the BPA at a position of need. With that addition, our DT mix, if healthy, is pretty good: Dorsey, Coleman, Babs, Lewis, and Stanley.

    1b: Jeff Otah, Pitt

    Time for a trade up. We offer Houston's 2nd and our 2nd next year to get up towards around #20 overall to grab the OT that fits Petrino's scheme perfectly. Otah is a beast in the run game, and has the athleticism to become an elite LT. He's raw, which is why he's still available. He could spend his rookie year at RG or RT (depending on where Clabo plays), while Weiner holds down LT. After a year's NFL coaching and some practice against Abraham, he should be able to step in at LT. (The same approach worked very well for Jammal Brown).

    2: Chris Williams, Vanderbilt

    Another lineman? Yes. It is clear that we are never going to have an effective offense until we improve the line, and the best place to do that is in the draft. While Clabo has been solid, I'm not convinced that he'd belong on an good O-line, and no-one knows how well Weiner will come back from his succession of knee injuries. Williams could eventually play at LT, RT or even inside, so has great value in versatility.

    If Weiner comes back strong from surgery, I see our line being Weiner-Blalock-McClure-Clabo-Otah, with Williams getting practice reps at LT, RG and RT. If Weiner does not come back strong, it would be a straight competition between Otah and Williams for who has the better chance of succeeding at LT, and the loser will start at RT. It would be a young line, but would benefit from a baptism of fire, ready for 2009 and the protection of...

    3: Joe Flacco, Delaware

    Here's our QB. Flacco only played Div 1-AA, but he's got NFL tools, and had elite production at the lower level. Petrino has suggested that he'll commit to giving a drafted QB a year to learn, and that'll be plenty of time to give Flacco the coaching he needs to adjust to the NFL. Flacco has as high an upside as any of the 1st round QBs, and is good value here, rather than a reach like any QB would be in the top-5. Given time on the bench, as promised, he's a star in the making. (Brennan in the 2nd would be a legitimate option too, in which case I'd take Tony Hills in the 3rd)

    4: Ben Moffitt, South Florida

    Stephen Nicholas' former team-mate could be playing next to him for years to come. Moffitt has been one of SF's stars on defense this year, and his style of play should translate well to the NFL. Demo is surely leaving at the end of the year, and Nicholas will take over at Will. Brooking will have one more year at MLB, purely for the sake of veteran leadership in transition, and Moffitt will compete with Tony Taylor to be the future at Mike.

    5: Art Carmody, Louisville

    We need a kicker, this is the right value for one. It's a toss-up between Carmody and Coutu, but it's important for a Head Coach to trust his kicker, and that's where the Louisville connection seals the deal.

    6: Fernando Velasco, Georgia

    Projects to either C or OG. He'll compete with Datish to be our eventual replacement for McClure, and could also provide depth/competition for the other interior spots.

    7: Sir Darien Adams, Michigan State

    An OLB as ST fodder. And just because every team needs a "knight of the realm"... (though preferably not self-dubbed).

    The one absentee you might note is a power RB to complement Norwood. This is because I firmly believe that a solid, reasonably priced veteran FA RB is what is required, not a rookie (let alone a top-5 pick like McFadden, with his huge price-tag).

    We want to get 30 running plays a game. I'm perfectly happy with Norwood getting 15 of those (I'd like him to get 20, but that might be unrealistic), a solid veteran FA getting 10, and Snelling getting 5.

    Then FA can fill the other minor holes in the defense, and we're ready to rock and roll. 2008 will be a rebuilding season as the O-line gels, but the defense and decent management by Redman should see us through to an 8-8 or so season. Then we unleash a well-coached Flacco behind an excellent O-line in 2009...
    TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"

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