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  • Quick Offseason

    Well, not really quick. Spent a while on it and then I accidentally clicked back. Was almost done. Oh well. Here it is without pictures and explanations.

    Atlanta Falcons Offseason 2008

    Cut/ Retire

    Warrick Dunn, RB
    Rod Coleman, DT
    Wayne Gandy, OT

    Free Agency

    Chris Carr, CB Oakland- 5'10'' 180
    Flozell Adams, OT Dallas- 6'7'' 340
    Corey Williams, DT Green Bay- 6'4 310
    Mewelde Moore, RB Minnesota- 5'11 210


    1. Miami- Glenn Dorsey, DT Louisiana State University
    2. New England- James Laurinitis, LB Ohio State University
    3. Saint Louis- Chris Long, DE Virginia
    4. Atlanta- Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas

    1 (4). Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas
    2 (A). Colt Brennan, QB Hawaii
    2 (B). Barry Richardson, OT Clemson
    3. Eddie Royal, WR/ RS Virginia Tech.
    4 (A). Simeon Castille, CB/ FS Alabama
    4 (B). Vince Hall, MLB Virginia Tech.
    5. Jameel McClain, DE Syracuse
    6. Alexis Serna, K Oregon State
    7. Sean Sester, OT Purdue
    Virginia Tech.
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    u think dallas is gonna let go of Flozell?


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      I wouldn't be upset if that happened, but I have a slightly different opinion on a couple of points. A few comments, positive and negative.

      1. I don't really want to pick up Flozell. Another aging tackle on the downside of his career is not what we need right now.

      2. I do understand that McFadden is the best player in the draft, and is a lock to be a very good RB. But, even with all that, I would be reluctant to take any RB in the top 5. I just think that the vast financial outlay on a top-5 pick cannot be justified on a position where injury is such a factor (LJ, Caddy, Ronnie...), and especially when even mid-round and undrafted guys can get regular 100 yard games behind a good O-line - see Ryan Grant and Earnest Graham this year.

      My view is this: if we have an O-line that creates regular holes, then Norwood and A.N.Other will get plenty of yards. If we don't, then even McFadden will struggle.

      3. I like the selection of Brennan in the 2nd. I think, given a year on the bench, he has a decent shot at being a well-above-average QB for the Falcons. Not quite as good a shot as Brohm, but perhaps a better shot relative to draft position than Brohm in the top-5.

      4. I don't really like what you've done with the O-line. As I said, I'm not convinced by the Flozell pickup. And while Barry Richardson might be a good RT, I'm really not persuaded that he even has a shot at being a good LT. In this scenario, we haven't dealt with the absence of a LT at all, in my view. It may be that you believe that Richardson can play LT; in that case, I can only respectfully disagree.

      5. I like the signing of Corey Williams, though I fear that he may get expensive. Also, I'm always wary of signing FA DT's who have only really stepped up their play in a contract year. See Kemo over at Carolina.

      6. Rest of it I'm happy with, especially Hall in the 4th.
      TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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        does anyone have a good site to look at upcoming free agents ?


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          Adams is a beast. I really like him. I asked Cowboys fans what they thought the chances he leaves is. Apparently, it's almost a lock that he stays.


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            Virginia Tech.
            ACC Champions 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010

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